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תמונה של Deltin Royale
Deltin Royaleהמלצה של 10 מקומיים
תמונה של Reis Magos Fort
Reis Magos Fortהמלצה של 31 מקומיים
תמונה של The Black Sheep Bistro
The Black Sheep Bistroהמלצה של 13 מקומיים
תמונה של Viva Panjim
Viva Panjimהמלצה של 6 מקומיים
תמונה של Café Mojo
Café Mojoהמלצה של 8 מקומיים
תמונה של Caculo Mall
Caculo Mallהמלצה של 12 מקומיים

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Mangrove Kayaking in the Backwaters of Goa
Guests will get a 15-20 mins briefing on the basic techniques of kayaking and safety. The experience will be in a river. You will paddle through the rich mangrove ecosystem and explore the wildlife living within it. You can spot different species of birds like baya weavers, brahmini kites, drongos, cormorants, egrets, pond herons, water hens, woodpeckers and the colorful kingfishers. If you're lucky enough, you may spot the shy otters. Once the kayaking experience is completed, we provide a local breakfast. The total time for the whole experience is 2.5 to 3 hours that includes the briefing, kayaking and breakfast.
Fontainhas Heritage Walk
The walk begins Tobacco Square near the main Post Office in Panjim and then leads us into the heritage precinct of St. Thomas ward, passing the small chapel of Sao Tome. We visit the famous old 31st January Bakery, and then move into the Fontainhas area passing the chapel of St. Sebastian. This leads to a cluster of interesting buildings around Panjim Inn, Portuguese Foundation, and Galerie Gitanjali. We give you an exclusive insider access to visit a famous Goan musician and get insights into Portuguese influence on Goan music. Get mesmerized by Fado, Latin and Folk music performed by the musician. We then return to the Post Office by a different route highlighting the elements and places of interest that liven up the Latin Quarters in the evenings . Our presenters will highlight all the above places with fascinating history and anecdotes that are unheard of and will share a very unique perspective of the making of Fontainhas. Other things to note The experience may not be enjoyed by infants and toddlers. We suggest you to bring your own water bottle, preferably a reusable water bottle as we would like to minimize the usage of single use plastic products. Wear comfortable footwear and carry a Hat/ Cap.
Half-Day Adventure Boat Trip in Goa
Everyone wishes to visit serene beaches and enjoy various activities. An adventurous boat trip is mesmerizing and gives you memories to cherish forever. Among all other water-based activities, snorkeling is the most popular one that allows you to explore aquatic life without many pieces of equipment or training. With us, you can enjoy the playful and tricky waves to their fullest. The boat is equipped luxuriously with comfortable seating, hygienic washrooms, and melodic music that will let you forget yourself and enjoy the journey. There is always an expert available to guide you about underwater life and rescue in case of emergency. You will be given sufficient time inside the water with enough pieces of equipment, such as a diving mask, swimming fins, and Snorkel. The trip begins at 1.00 pm and ends at 6.00 pm.
Discovery of Divar Island - E Bike Tours
Venture beyond typical beaches and head to Divar, a completely different realm that exists across Mandovi River. Divar Island will surely enchant you with its splendours. Witness time slowing down in this quaint river island situated just a few miles from the capital city of Panjim. Ride through patches of fields, mangroves, churches, temple sites and beautiful houses. Breathe and live rich heritage from traditional occupations like fishing. After immersing yourself in an unseen side of North Goa. The pretty locations and locals of Divar will entice all those looking for untouched pristine beauty. What makes this tour special? • E-biking experience on the beautiful winding roads of Divar Island. • One of the finest baroque churches of Goa with a 360 degree panoramic view. • A mystical temple site dating back to over 1000 years. • Insights to traditional occupations like fishing and learn more about sluice gates.
Old Goa Heritage Walk
The walk starts at the Viceroy's Arch near the Ferry point, where you get introduced to the historical Portuguese past of Old Goa. Old Goa was also known as ‘Rome of the East’ due to the incidence of prettily designed churches and wide open piazzas. We then pay a visit to the very beautiful St. Cajeten church of the Italian Order. St. Cajetan Church also known as the Church of Divine Providence is a church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Goa. We then move ahead to old main street of Old Goa, the Rua Direita to pass by the Se Cathedral and the Church of St Francis. Se Cathedral is one of the most ancient and celebrated religious buildings of Goa. This magnificent 16th century monument in Goa, build under the Portuguese rule is the largest church in Asia. After surveying the pieces of ruined buildings displayed outside the Museum, we proceed to Old Goa’s first c, the Church of St Catherine, before reaching the Basilica of Bom Jesus where the remains of St Francis Xavier are to be found. Our presenters will highlight all the above places with fascinating history and anecdotes that are unheard of and will share a very unique perspective of the making of Old Goa.
Pub Crawl and Local Wine Tasting Tour
We run our Pub Crawl on philosophy: Drink triple. See double. Act single ;). Unwind your evening with an exciting pub crawl in the heart of Goa. We will hop from one pub to another, experiencing the nightlife of the city and taste local Goan beverages and food with lots's of stories associated with them. We will start your bar journey from India's first E Beer pub, where you can pour beer on tap right at your table, also this place has a typical Goan feel to it. From here we will move to next place where you can sip verities of Goan Feni (Coconut Feni, Cashew Feni, Urak) it's said that Goa are incomplete without sips of feni drink, which has been produced from 400 years in a typical Portuguese way. Our third stop is a super cute, super local bar serving Goa's homemade fresh draft beer, and at the last spot you can sip a local wine while watching a calm river front and admiring its beauty. Guys it's not just about booze! some talks, enjoy fun games, some dance, some music and even more fun to make it a night to remember. Also we will share some insider info about the best booze in the area in city. The Night Bar and Pub Hopping Tour ends at the third Pub but not the fun :) Other things to note Legal drinking age in Goa is 18 years, please carry your id card showing age proof in case if it is needed at any location.
Premium pet-friendly guided kayak tours in Chapora river
Hi globe trotter! Join me on the most picturesque kayaking experience in the backwaters of river Chapora --- a calm,little-known river, yet home to unique fauna and birds. We walk by the river as we sip on some freshly picked tender coconut water before we start kayaking in one of the cleanest river waters in the country. We watch birds fly and fish jump out of the water almost always in this pure ,untouched hinterland experience of a lifetime,leaving you yearning for more of a Goa that you never knew existed. The trail is easy and short,lasting around 2 hours. While kayaking is a fairly easy exercise in the calm backwaters, interested children and senior citizens can enjoy this activity in absolute safety with me in government licensed kayaks and safety equipment , accompanying you throughout.
Goa Street Food Crawl
1. You will taste more than 5 mouth watering and authentic delicacies of old Goa on this food tour, if you are a food lover and enjoy experiencing different kind of foods, then you should not miss this walking tour because trust us, you will surely regret it later. 2. We have designed this amazing experience for you with an intention to take you to these places for food tasting, so that you can also cherish this food, feast your taste buds and have a fabulous and lasting impression. 3. Be prepared to fill your mouth with mouth watering delights and please bring an appetite, even though it is food tasting it is highly fulfilling for the stomach. 4. Having awesome and sweet memories in the end of this fun, enjoyable and unique experience for you to remember for life and share with your family and friends. Note: We do quality assurance before adding a place on our food walk, so you can relax and enjoy the food without any worry. Other things to note Please feel free to let us know if you have any dietary requirements. Also we will offer tour for single guest as well, so do not hesitate to book with us even if you are a solo traveler.
Cocktails, Personal Styling and Shopping in a Heritage Villa
Join me at an 80-year old Goan villa housing collections of nearly 20 homegrown Indian brands that make things mindfully. I'll present a selection of items curated especially for you in categories like upcycled and sustainable fashion, ethical leather, handmade accessories, décor, ceramics - even antiques! The session also includes a personal styling session for one or both people, where we'll discuss your style and show you how it can evolve, grow or be overhauled - your choice! After shopping, we can sit back with drinks and snacks in the balcao or the garden area enjoy the weather. PS: Half your experience fee is adjustable against your shopping!
Brought in by the Portuguese Caravels
What does the Goan culture epitomize? The hearth. I am known as the ‘Culinary Queen of Goa’, and have delved into the influences (besides the others) that the Portuguese occupation (17th century) have left in local kitchens. Come home to understand the 'nuances' and story telling behind the ingredients that go into these dishes through a demo and tastings. Understand the history behind the food as our grandmothers did. How did these curries and masalas reach the traditional Goan table? The participation and the one on one interaction will create a great experience and with recipes shared at the end to explore the stories evolved over centuries, the traditional grandmother recipes passed down through generations. The Inspiration behind these Goan favorites of seafood and during monsoons...meat….the red, yellow, orange masalas will be a mouth drooling experience. Other things to note Some of the dishes includes a lot of coconut, chillies and toddy vinegar but we can discuss your preferences. Goan foood normally possesses a sweet sour savoury salty and spicy attribute. There are different fish preparations that will be served depending on availability but its not all about curries or masala. So join us for an experience as done in the past...sail on this caravel with its own unique flow.
Kayaking In Backwaters of the Chapora river
Kayak through the backwaters of the Chapora River through small mangrove forests. Stop at an Island and then continue onwards. If you feel adventurous you can also jump into the river and have a swim.
Highlights of Portuguese influenced Goa
Experience the glimpse of Portuguese Era, beautiful Indo-portuguese buildings and monuments that riddled with history and heritage of the vintage city. Pass through the Fontainhas Neighborhood and see the inside of the city with some charming places with a beautiful view which we have discovered and travelers don't want to miss in this amazing walking tour of the old town. Highlights of Portuguese influenced Goa is an unmatched heritage experience with awesome stories to understand a city's existence, culture and lifestyle. Capture the beauty of colorful lanes, houses, historical monuments and friendly local people in your lens, capture memories not just only pictures and store them in your memories to cherish life-long from this tour. We follow a unique style of ‘infotainment’ to ensure that you enjoy the tour and don't get bored, irrespective of whether you love history or not, this walking tour will be a unique, fun and memorable experience for you. By the end of the tour you will develop a great perspective of the city, its culture and you will also get some great insider tips and tricks to save money and to explore the best of the city.
Bites on E-Bikes- A Goan Food Trail
While Panjim is known for its well-preserved heritage, that's not all it has to offer. Feed your passion for fun with a specially curated Goan food trail for all non-vegetarian food lovers.. Know all about the strong Portuguese influence and the traditional Hindu influence that pre-date the Portuguese and get to know the differences between the two. Ride through the scenic lanes of Fontainhas, try different courses of local cuisine punctuated with Goan cocktails. This is a ride that is nothing less than a feast for your senses
Visit Portugal Goa with a Young Couple
The tour starts from the most famous church in Panjim. we will begin with the history of Goa and then, move onto the significance of the church. From there, we will be exploring the historic bylanes of Altinho's where you'll see some old Goan-Portuguese houses and a few hidden gems. The tour will then continue towards the High Court and proceed further to a Goan Bakery where we will halt for a short break. We might have a surprise for you there! Moving along the small lanes of Latin Quarters, we will see old houses that have stories from the bygone days and create some photographic memories. Finally, we head towards our last stop—a local bar where we will relax over some house cocktails. The walking tour will last for three hours. We will be walking from one place to another for around 3 km. We will be narrating local stories and anecdotes from our personal lives and facts about our beloved city that are not easily available on the internet. We will also be indulging in conversations about the rich culture and Portugal history of Goa. We love talking about anything and everything. Don't wait! Join our tour for some soulful conversations with us! Don't hesitate to text us for any queries or doubts. We would most certainly try to accommodate your requirements so that you have the best experience in our city
Panaji City Walking Tour
Panaji, the capital of Goa has a lot to offer. We start with a walk through the 18th century conservation area. The magnificent structures make you fall in love with them. End the tour with loads of memories and friends. Be prepared to be active and sweat, as we see the true face of Goa.