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Welcome to an experience I call Zulu Basics. By the end of our time together, you will be able to say greetings, and exchange a few words and pleasantries in Zulu. We'll dive into the Zulu culture as we sit back and relax with cool drinks in our hands. I will also tell you about the must-see places in Johannesburg and suggest some fun spots and tourist attractions.

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בהנחיית Thabisile

ב-Airbnb מאז 2018
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I am Zulu and I am a native of Johannesburg—the place of gold. I’m so proud of my culture, my language, and its essence. I have had my fair share of working in the corporate world and have now decided to empower younger women to be entrepreneurs. I find such pleasure in showing the beauty of our culture and language—a lethal combo for a master storyteller of Zulu culture. I would like to teach you the basics of the Zulu language while we hang out and relax with a cool drink.
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מידע על הארגון: woman with a mission (stayqueens) NGO

Stayqueens WWM NGO was established to empower and inspire women to take the lead, and to create an avenue for networking, workshops, and empowerment programs—all showcasing businesses and business ideas. It's for women with strong aspirations and dreams, who lack the tools or the know-how to implement them. We have empowered women who will help empower the next women, and the circle will continue.

זוהי חוויה של אחריות חברתית, שבה 100% מהתשלום על החוויה מועבר אל woman with a mission (stayqueens) NGO.

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The experience will take place at an open rooftop bar called the La rosa Mexican restaurant located in the north of Johannesburg in Christian Dewet.

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ינואר 2020
Thabisile was absolutely wonderful! As more than a teacher, but also a friend. She was extremely welcoming and made me feel immediately at-home. The class itself was extremely helpful, as I feared being in-the-dark where it came to communicating with people during my time in Johannesburg. I love language and have some experience with Kiswahili, which carried over nicely to my learning of Zulu. Mama Thabi (as I began to call her) welcomed all of my questions and allowed me to go deeper than she usually does in her beginners class. She is a wonderful teacher. This experience actually sparked an inspiration for me to become fluent in isiZulu! Highly recommend! Thabisile is the BEST!
אוגוסט 2019
Such a great experience. We appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the history of the continent and the Zulu language - Ngiyabonga !
מאי 2019
We really enjoyed our Zulu lesson with Thabisile. She was talkative, enthusiastic, and patient with our bad pronunciation and forgetfulness of the basic words.
פברואר 2019
"Two thumbs up" from a long-time language teacher in Brooklyn, NY! For an intimate, knowledgeable, and fun Zulu language lesson - book Thabi! She was prompt and packed in lots of learning from the minute we got started. Additionally, as a teacher of language myself, her choice of location made learning immediately authentic, which is the equivalent of memorable! After the lesson, my traveling companions and I were able to utilize Zulu phrases for the duration of our stay in Johannesburg. Thank you, Thabi!
פברואר 2019
我非常推荐旅行者或者来参加短期志愿者工作的人来尝试祖鲁语学习体验,实在是太有趣了!!相信我,你会学到更多关于南非的历史和文化!Thabisile也是一个很可爱善谈的人,她有着自己独特的审美品位。Come on and enjoy it!
ינואר 2019
A class that all Black Americans and people in general should take while visiting Johannesburg. The class was very helpful during my stay. The people of Johannesburg appreciated a tourist trying to use the Zulu language .

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