Three waterfalls tour including Multnomah Falls and Vista

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Meet downtown and head to the Columbia Gorge to enjoy 3 amazing waterfalls. All of the waterfalls are located in the Columbia Gorge which is about 30 mins outside of Portland. Each of the hikes will be about a mile or less. We will have the opportunity to get as close as you like to the falls and learn about this amazing part of the world. This experience is appropriate for all fitness levels.
Other things to note
It might be a good idea to bring some shoes with decent traction but it's not absolutely necessary.

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    I will provide transportation to and from the waterfalls.

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I am a local Portland experience host. I love showing people what is so special about this city. Portland has many hidden gems and I love showing people just that. I have the correct permits, insurance and first aid to take guests to visit state parks
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We will be traveling through the Historic Columbia River Highway, which was completed in 1915 and is now considered a National Historic Landmark. We will see 3 amazing waterfalls all within the Columbia Gorge. We will also stop by the Vista House.

-Latourell falls- At 249 feet, it is a .4 mile hike roundtrip.
-Bridal Veil falls- At 118 feet, it is a 1.4 mile hike roundtrip.
-Multnomah Falls- At 620, is is a .4 miles hike roundtrip.

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ינואר 2022
A mesmerizing experience. Worth it to get up early to capture the best scenery there is to offer. You’ll love this experience to bits.
ינואר 2022
Sonya was a phenomenal tour guide! She was very welcoming and knowledgable on all of the locations we visited. Definitely take this tour if you want to get out and enjoy Oregon's nature.
ינואר 2022
I enjoyed this Airbnb experience! Definitely worth the cost. You get to see beautiful waterfalls that will leave you in awe! Ben was a great host, as he was kind and let us go on our own for a bit. Definitely recommend!
ינואר 2022
A great value for what you get! Transportation to three amazing waterfalls and a viewpoint with not much walking or harsh hiking. Plus the guide was so nice and told us some cool facts!
ינואר 2022
Sonja our guild was brilliant. She was safety conscious and she guided us through some tricky terrain. With snow on the trails I was concerned that we may not be able to get to all the waterfalls . But the weather was mercifully. Sonya was a wealth of knowledge wrapped up in humor and passion about the area. Even though it was cold out this was the perfect way to be exposed to some Portland beauty in the winter .
דצמבר 2021
Really enjoyed this trip during our New Years stay in Portland! Sonya was a great host and squeezed so many stories & info into the few hours. Our trip was the morning of New Years Day, was freezing but a great way to start the year. One thing that was a little bit misleading, was that this trip is listed as a 3hr - I’d advise allocating 3.5/4hrs from pick-up to drop-off at Case Study. This wasn’t an issue for us, because we had eaten bfast & didn’t have any plans immediately after. I’d recommend this trip to a friend!

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