Los misterios del mercado de brujas en La victoria

Miraflores, פרו

חוויה בהנחיית Jaia

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First We will leave my house by car to la victoria. We park the car in a saber place and walk 10 minutos. We will go directly to the witch market. There you can see all kinds of amulets, candles, and I will tell you a bit of the story and show you another side of Lima. This experience lasts 2 hours.

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בהנחיית Jaia

ב-Airbnb מאז 2016
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I love to guide tourists in this type of places that they could not reach alone. I also like rituals and natural stones. You will not regret and spend a different day.
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This is a diferent way to visit Lima, you will de severas districts from the car, from there go to the witch market enjoy a little, know, see and buy. then return to miraflores.

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נובמבר 2021
Jaia is very knowledgeable about everything you will see in the Witch Market. She gave background information and helped with the shopping. I'm glad I went with Jaia because this is NOT something I would have done on my own. As brave as I am and as good as my Spanish is, there are literally thousands of stores, thousands of people and being with a local made me feel safe in this somewhat sketchy environment. On our way out I kept seeing things I wanted to buy and she was very patient and helpful. I didn't feel rushed and genuinely felt that she wanted me to have a good time. If you scare easily or have biases against magick I do not recommend this experience. This is an authentic tour and very different from Miraflores. I felt that I was able to see the REAL Perú and this was an exceptional way to do it. The next time I visit Perú I will do this experience again. Pro Tip: Bring small bills, you are bound to see something you like. There is something for everyone at the Witch Market. I highly recommend this experience!
פברואר 2020
I could directly feel Jaia’s passion for what she is doing! It was an unique experience in an area of Lima I wouldn’t have gone by myself. With Jaia I felt safe all the time and she shared a lot of her knowledge with me. Thank you!!
Rakel Ýr
פברואר 2020
This was a fun experience! We would not have gone there by ourselfs, so it was nice to have Jaia with us, a local, and she knew everything about the place and spiritual things!
Gardner Fenton
פברואר 2020
This was a very cool place, and I was really glad I decided to go with Jaia. She was super friendly and chill, and had a great sense of what and where things were, and when it was appropriate to take pictures. Also very helpful in helping purchase cool little things at some of the stands. This kind of stuff is awesome, I didn’t see another tourist the whole time, and what you get to see puts a whole new spin on another world of Peruvian culture/beliefs/creativity/tradition. Very cool, and highly recommended.
פברואר 2020
I really enjoyed this experience. It was something I really connected with and I enjoyed seeing a different part of Lima. Jaia is very kind and I would do another experience with her for sure.
ינואר 2020
Exciting, unique and delightful ! Jaia has a lot of knowledge about magic and spiritual practices. She also knows the market well and has even made friends with some of the vendors. She did a great job of explaining what to expect on the way there and providing a great tour. She even helped me understand where it was okay to take photos and where it wouldn't be appropriate. It's the type of tour you only should do with someone who is culturally sensitive like Jaia. Even if I knew the secret location of this market, it's not a place I could have navigated on my own.

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