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Hiking in Sigulda - the Switzerland of Latvia
We start the trip from the Riga Central Railway station. Day trip to Sigulda: Explore Latvian Switzerland. We are going to Sigulda and back by train (it takes 1h 10min. each way) - you will get experience by Latvian railway and the train is one of the environment-friendly ways to travel. Afterwards, a beautiful hike (around 12-15 km) with breathtaking views over Gauja river valley with its natural and historical sites, ruins and castles - some of the most beautiful nature areas in Latvia. You can try Sigulda Ferris Wheel at the end of the hike (3 EUR, only cash), located on the city festival square, picks up its visitors at a height of 30 meters, revealing breathtaking views of the Gauja Valley landscape. The Gauja National Park often called Switzerland of Latvia by locals is the largest and oldest of the national parks in Latvia, characterized by great biological diversity, a variety of landforms, natural springs, sandstone outcrops, picturesque views and unique natural, cultural and historical monuments. I want to help you discover Sigulda, often called the Switzerland of Latvia. I promise you nice views over Sigulda and the surroundings. Included: - train tickets (both ways) - guide during all time - individual tour or small group - good memories PLEASE NOTE! If you would like to participate on a date that is not available, don't hesitate to contact me.
Private cruise - Highlights of Rīga City Canal and riverside
!!! If You can't find a date or time in October on weekday's evenings, please write me and I will try to find some time for You !!! :) Enjoy a different lifestyle experience in Riga with Your Family or Friends in maximum comfort and style aboard on one of the most unique classic Tender boats in Rīga in small group (up to 5 persons). Experience will take ~ 50 minutes. Opportunity to take a peaceful and romantic trip through the City canal and Daugava. The trip will lead from the Yacht Club Andrejosta to the Latvian National Opera through the City Canal and then back to Andrejosta and further along the Daugava to Riga Castle. During the trip, you will see a charming panorama. There will be wonderful views in all directions, and you will be able to enjoy a great panorama of Kronvalda Park, National theatre, Bastejkalns, Freedom Monument, National Opera, Andrejosta, Rīga Passenger port, the magnificent towers of Old Riga, AB Dam and Ķīpsala. The route is ideal for families with children. Drinks and snacks not included in price. If You are interested in other dates or custom made routes (trip to Jūrmala or Baltezers, sunrise in the Daugava or sunset at the Sea Gates, photo or video sessions on the boat, visit a restaurant with possibility to park a boat next to the restaurant terrace, or some other wishes, please ask me.
Daily Old Town Walking Tour
The only really way to discover the Old Town is to walk ! See the main sites that Riga has to offer as well as being led to areas of the Old Town usually ignored by traditional tours. As always, our entertaining guides will be on hand to lead you through the centuries of history and inform you about what the Old Town has to offer today! Old Riga is a charming area of this great city and a must see for all. Other things to note Professional, licensed, local guides,Best price guarantee,small groups, individual tours
Riga Old City through its` legends
NB! If You cant find in my calendar a date or time, which suits You, please write me and we will find a solution :) Riga Old City is a part of UNESCO and has many beautiful sights. During this excursion we will talk about historical things, which actually happened and about different legends to which people believed, because they can be funny, sad and also entertaining. We will talk about the establishment of the city, why milk was used instead of water to put out fires, why there are different animals in the Old City and discuss few other legends. We will talk about traditions of Christmas and Midsummer festival, as well as we will try some local snacks. Our excursion will be around 2 hours long. You can order this excursion also in Russian, but as it is not possible to do it bilingual, please contact me and we will find the solution for you. /О возможностях провести экскурсию на русском пожалуйста пишите. Other things to note We will end our excursion next to the Powder Tower
A Traditional Latvian Three-Course Meal
Looking for an authentic, low-key local experience away from the tourist crowds? I invite you to my home for a three-course Latvian traditional meal. If you book my experience at the beginning of your trip to Latvia, I can share valuable tips of the best places to go and things to see throughout Latvia. At our dinner, I will offer a three-course meal featuring traditional Latvian dishes. To start, it will be cold beet soup, which is made with beets and kefir (a fermented milk drink) – a true vitamin bomb. This soup is a favorite in Latvia as soon as air temperature signals the coming of summer. For the main course, I will offer peas with bacon and onions. According to folklore, this dish symbolizes prosperity and vitality. It is a must-have on the Christmas table, but you can enjoy it any time of year – it’s that good! Alternatively, for vegetarians, I will offer potatoes with chanterelle mushrooms. This dish is also a common staple and widely served all over the country. To satisfy your sweet tooth, I will offer layered rye bread dessert. The meal will be accompanied by birch sap – another local gastronomic adventure. Our apartment is situated in the center of Riga, just a 15-minute walk from Old Riga. Please be aware that we have a cat at home. Also, let me of any food allergies before booking your experience. Join me for a delightful evening of Latvian cuisine!
Hike tour to Kemeri National Park/Swamp
We start the trip from the Riga Central Railway station. Day trip to Kemeri: One of the most popular swamp trails in Latvia offering a fabulous walk through one of the greatest raised bogs in Latvia. We are going to Kemeri and back by train from Riga (it takes 1h each way). You will get to experience by Latvian railway and the train is one of the most environment-friendly ways to travel. Afterwards, a beautiful hike (10-12 km) with breathtaking views. During the hike, you will be able to see the world of moss, small pine trees, deep pools, and tiny dark lakes. Kemeri National Park is special for its great biological diversity, the unique Kemeri Bog, mineral waters and therapeutic mud found here. I want to help you discover Kemeri. I promise you nice views over the swamp and the surroundings. Included: - train tickets (both ways) - personal guide during all time - individual tour or small group - good memories PLEASE NOTE! If you would like to participate on a date that is not available, don't hesitate to contact me.
Hill of crosses and Jelgava
I will pick you up at Starp Krastiem pizzeria (Akmeņu iela 13). Right next to the national library(nacionālā bibliotēka). :-) !!! Please bring your PASSPORT , if you don't have 1, bring your ID CARD because we are passing a border !!! Rain clothes! We will go to the hill of crosses in Lithuania. Let's climb the hill and stroll between more than 200000 of crosses ! The duration of the tour is about 5 hours if we only visit the hill of crosses. The drive is about 1,5-2 hours 1 way depending on roadworks. If we also visit Jelgava the tour will take about 6-7 hours. On our way back to Riga we will visit Jelgava (if enough interest and if previous agreed), the second biggest landlocked Latvian city where we will enjoy the beautifull palace ,sculpture park, tower with museum,exhibition, restaurant and glas roof viewing upper level and a 200 year old house. (museum) In case of bad weather I would suggest to do the inside attractions. In case of good weather I would suggest to make a walk around Jelgava. Food is not included but there's time to eat something.
Meditate by the sea in Jurmala
We will meet at the Riga Central Railway station as we are going to Jūrmala by train (it takes 25 min each way). We will enjoy healing, relaxing, and soothing guided meditation session at the famous Jūrmala white sand beach. This experience is about connecting to ourselves, relaxing, and recharging our inner batteries. Previous meditation experience is not needed. The experience is suitable for all levels - beginner, intermediate or advanced. My Instagram @meditations_with_ilze Included: * Train ticket (Riga - Jurmala - Riga) * Meditation session * Smile from my heart to yours :) P.S. If you are already in Jūrmala, we can meet at the beach. If you would like to meditate on a different date or time, please contact me!
Autumn Riga Old Town photo-shoot & exploration
Join me in a small adventure that will not only make mental memories but also visual ones! We will be visiting the most picturesque locations around Rīga and we will be capturing you in them! This is a perfect chance to get to know the city and to avoid missing out on all the hot spots that you need to visit and that you NEED to have a picture at! Get those instagram shots that will make all your friends jelous! NB! This experience takes around 30-45 minutes!
Brutalist architecture tour with old car
First, you will smell the car–the symbol of the USSR auto industry, made in 1973 and still driven in post-Soviet countries today (though a rare sight in Riga). The tour starts in the city center, next to the spectacular modernist / semi-brutalist Daile theatre. Next, we will ride across the river Daugava to the left bank where we will explore small streets and stop to look at modernist architectural pearls. The tour will take us into Riga's suburbs, where “real life happens”, but don’t worry–Riga is a safe and lovely city! Along the way Ance, a friendlyand knowledgeable local, will share the history of the neighborhoods and buildings visited. The tour is approximately 40 km long and we will visit 7 buildings, each with its individual history and a story about its use today. The tour will end where it began, on Brivibas (Freedom) street, where you are free to go! Or, Ance can point you to an authentic “post-modern” 90s-style canteen next to the end point. In special instances, the tour may be available mid-day on weekdays. If so, Ance can take you to an authentic Soviet-style canteen in Bolderaja (Riga suburbs). Please contact the host to learn about this booking. Few things to note - The backseat of the car does not have seatbelts (per original 1973 design). - The space inside the car is not big, but very open and the 360 degree panorama view is fantastic!
Reveal the treasures of Art Nouveau in Riga
Our walking tour will lead us through Old Riga to the “Art Nouveau” district which features the creations of the most controversial Architect: Mikhail Eisenstein. Decorated with various symbols and mythological characters, each building tells us a different story. Scary lions and screaming men's masks side by side with contemplative women’s faces, mysterious sphinxes, delicately carved flowers, birds and animals, … it is easy to get lost in such an abundance of images. This tour is available in these languages: English, German, Latvian, Russian. Tour ends in Alberta street.
Hiking Adventure in Sigulda and Latvian Food Tasting
Would you like to explore the beauty of Latvian nature, richness of cultural heritage and to try out some local food? Then this Airbnb Experience is for you! I have an exciting adventure in mind – a 15 km long hiking tour in Sigulda, also known as the Switzerland of Latvia, and a picnic with local goods and wonderful scenery. Sigulda, once known as a summer resort, is famous for countless hiking trails that go up and down the banks of the Gauja River, romantic castles and manors, some of the most scenic landscapes in Latvia, impressive sandstone outcrops and the largest cave in the Baltics. On this hiking tour you will have a chance to see it all: lovely hiking paths through the woods, Emperor’s View, Devil’s Rock, Pikene Cliff, Krimulda Manor and Medieval Castle Ruins, Gutman’s Cave, Sigulda Medieval Castle Ruins and New Castle. During the picnic you will have an opportunity to try out some home-made Latvian food and get to know the culture via your taste buds. The hiking trail is well-established, but it requires rather good physical shape as it involves a lot of climbing up and down. The hike takes about six hours. We will meet in front of the Origo Clock (Riga Central Station) and take a train to Sigulda together. And then – the adventure will begin! When booking the hike, please, let me know if you have any special dietary needs for Latvian food tasting!
Authentic Photoshoot in Riga Old Town
Why "Authentic" Photoshoot? Because I'm primarily interested in who you are. What you are on your own. Not what you want to show yourself or others. This photo session is about "to be", not "to seem". In Authentic Photo Shoot I work primarily as a psychologist and coach, not just a photographer. This is key. My focus is to support your research, to help you be with where you want to look, what is important to live with, what to be silent with, or what to look at. I don’t direct, I don’t put you in “beautiful poses”, I don’t interfere. At least I try very hard not to. I can suggest something that I think would support you in your research. And catch in the frame in the process. Probably, from the point of view of photography, it can be called a “reportage portrait”. It makes sense to go to an Authentic Photo Shoot when you want to meet something in yourself, and you need a Witness and a Guide for this.
Neon Photoshoot in Riga
Do you want to fall into a dream, get into another reality, into the world of the future, feel space, cyberpunk, magic? You will find all this in my neon photo shoot experience. It will help you stand out, it is unusual, bright, daring, you want to peer into it! Neon looks magical, that's why it is unique! ⠀ My neon studio is my city! The main thing is to know the special places in the city where there is a special light! And I'm the one who knows every light bulb in this city, it's insanely nice. ⠀ We will walk around the city center in search of these luminous treasures, choosing the right light and color for you, exploring the city. Before the Christmas holidays, Riga is especially changing and there are more Neon places! I strongly advise you not to miss the moment and make a gift for yourself and your loved ones. See you in my neon photo studio "Riga"⠀
Saturday's and Sunday's morning expierence
Morning experience is a great way how to start Saturday or Sunday in Riga. Romantic and peaceful trip through the City canal, faster ride on Daugava river to the Circle K fuel gas station with possibility to buy a tasty coffee or some snacks in local Circle K Convenience store and then back to Andrejosta. During the experience You will enjoy beauty of Riga from City Canal and Daugava river side: - Kronvalda Park - National theatre - Bastion Hill - Freedom Monument - National Opera - Train and bus station - Central Market - Riga Passenger Port - President Castle - National Library - Glorious towers of old town - TV tower - AB Dam with the biggest Latvian flag - Ķipsala - Yacht club with luxury and magnificent motor yachts. If You are interested in other dates or custom made routes (trip to Jūrmala or Baltezers, sunrise in the Daugava or sunset at the Sea Gates, photo or video sessions on the boat, visit a restaurant with possibility to park a boat next to the restaurant terrace, or some other wishes, please ask me.