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Historical Walk in Old Town
During this walk, you will learn everything you need to know about Lviv! Why don’t we try to unravel the mystery of old Lviv together? Here you can still hear the noise of the medieval market, the sound of clinking glasses and various languages ​​in the Old City, get a peek at the life of Poles, Armenians, and Jews national communities, feel the imperial aristocratic spirit, and visit the meeting place of iconic Lviv artists. This tour is ideal for those who are discovering the spirit of Lviv for the first time, but already are ready to give it their hearts, as well as for those who have been to Lviv many times, but have never explored the city with a guide. It will be a walk through space and time… It’s going to be your personal date with the city of Lviv. For two hours our guide will reveal to you everything that could be hidden from an eye of an average tourist: - where the most delicious coffee on sand is made - where the river Poltva disappeared - why Lviv was called the city of 100 languages ​​and so much more Please contact me if you would like to attend the experience on a specific date that isn't available on the calendar. !!! FOR GROUPS and individuals: during COVID time I provide only individual experiences. If you are a solo traveler, please book "a private group" and I will provide this experience only for you.
Lviv Undergrounds and Dungeons Tour
A lot of surprises have been prepared for you in Lviv. And some of them are situated just underground. This time you are invited for having a walk through the underground Lviv… Does it already seem that you know every street and each cafe in Lviv? Then go down to the dungeon. Is the weather outside not good for walks? Go down to the dungeon. Tired of classic sightseeing tours? We say for the third time - go down to the dungeon! An extensive system of passages, tunnels, and basements is hidden under the streets of Lviv. Here the medieval spiritual orders were hiding their secrets, monks could seclude themselves or some old alchemical laboratories could be set up here, underground, as well. The dungeons still preserve this atmosphere and are ready to let you experience all of it. Come on, join me. Have a look at 3 main reasons to choose the tour "Lviv Undergrounds": - you will be able to see what Lviv looked like 300, 500, and even 700 years ago; - you will visit a real alchemist; - you will fill your energy reserves up with "fired" coffee Please contact me if you would like to attend the experience on a specific date that isn't available on the calendar. !!! FOR GROUPS and individuals: during COVID time I provide only individual experiences. If you are a solo traveler, please book "a private group" and I will provide this experience for you.
Lviv old city walking tour
Discover Lviv - a medieval multicultural metropolis with multiple faces and hear the tales and legends of different peoples who once lived here. During this tour you will find out • where the smallest city square in Ukraine is • which church dome is made of clay pots and why • what was the punishment for gambling and cursing • who was called Golden Rose • which place was watched by KGB 24/7 and where the hippies of Lviv drank coffee We start at the Rynok Square, the heart and soul of the town, a site of festivals and fairs. You are going to find out why Lviv was a melting pot of many cultures and why it was once called the port of two seas. You’ll hear the stories of kings and magnates in the magnificent Renaissance Merchant’s Palace and learn about the extraordinary life of its owners. We’ll stumble upon ancient gods and heroes created by a genius Austrian sculptor. Then, we're going to discover a patchwork of ethnic precincts of medieval town. We're going to walk through the Latin quarter with its eclectic cathedral and mysterious Boim chapel; explore the Armenian culture in the ancient labyrinth of Armenian quarters and find out about the Ruthenians. We'll enter the Jewish quarters through its historical entrance – Porta Ruthenica.
Looking for hidden symbols, walking tour
Are you ready to become an investigator or an explorer? You will have a chance to break the secret code and find the truth about the views, beliefs, and values of old inhabitants of Lviv! You might be wondering what the signs and symbols that you can see on the walls, towers, balconies, stain-glass windows mean? All those beasts, dragons, ancient gods and masonic symbols? Look for signs and symbols and try to decrypt them! Unlike a regular tour, you will be an active participant. We are going to uncover ancient symbols, scattered around the old town hidden in plain sight and waiting to be uncovered by our investigative gaze.
Villas of Kastelivka Lviv secession tour
Terra Incognita or a walk-around non-tourist Lviv! Why wouldn’t we start with a garden? To be more exact with the garden city or with the area of ​​elegant Lviv villas… If you step a bit away from the Opera House magnificence and the Market Square fuss, you can discover a slightly different Lviv - quiet and nontouristic. In the late 19th - early 20th centuries, Lviv architects Yulian Zakharevych and Ivan Levynsky designed a garden city. That is the way how the Kastelivka district eventually grew up - unique private villas in the Art Nouveau or Secession style, inhabited by Lviv intellectuals and aristocrats. This place, hidden from the eyes of ordinary tourists, still preserves the history of its inhabitants and the mysterious Lviv vibes. I hope you are ready to touch Lviv’s luxurious architecture? Or to have a look into the original entrances and be the only tourists in these streets? Then go ahead to discover the unknown "New World"! The brightest points of our route will be: - Sosnowski Palace - Ivan Levynsky Factory - Rudolf Weigl Laboratory - Villa "On the Cross" Let us take you back to the times of the industrial revolution and the vast growth of the city. Transport, coffee, and "syrnyk" dessert are included. Please contact me if you would like to attend the experience on a specific date that isn't available on the calendar.
Discover Open-Air Folk Art Museum
We will spend a few hours in a magnificent place, a famous open-air museum of folk architecture and rural life. Lviv skansen is a small town which is made of a plethora of wooden buildings. We will breathe fresh air, experience a nice landscape and learn about the traditional way of life in Western Ukraine. You will learn how the whole 7 people family used to live in a small house. We will dive deep into the authentic way of life, typical for our region
Lviv from rooftops
Let’s visit Lviv's rooftops. It is a great opportunity to see our beautiful city from an aerial view and learn history and city culture from rooftops. I will show you our lovely Lviv from 4 rooftops and invite you to my favorite panoramic restaurant for a cup of coffee or tea (included). FOR GROUPS and individuals: contact me if you would like to attend the experience on a specific date that isn't available on the calendar. Your shoes should be comfortable to walk on stairs and you should be ready for climbing on stairs during this tour.
Behind the tourist maps tour
On the tour you'll be able to • see the extraordinary Dunikovsky Palace, Villa Palatine and the graffiti of French Bangsy • see four beautiful palaces on one street • touch the only monument that can be tried on • learn the history of the Lviv Citadel • see beautiful Lviv villas and learn the history of people who lived there. We start the tour near one of the most recognizable sights of Lviv, the Opera House. But right from the start we stride through hidden passages, quiet streets and alleys. Suddenly, we will stumble across a unique theater that looks like a Gothic palace. We will find magnificent Mercury, mythical monsters and graffiti of a street violinist. You will hear the stories of the Noble Casino, a place where the old aristocracy found their amazements. You’ll have a chance to touch and even to try on a truly unique monument. Every traveler should take a picture of it. We will have a short break at the art center, where we’ll have a coffee and I’ll answer any questions you might have. At the Lviv citadel you’ll hear the stories of numerous battles for Lviv and see the defensive structures with traces of bullets and shells. You’ll see exactly why the medieval artist Pasarotti choose to depict Lviv from this viewpoint. Whilst pacing through the picturesque Lemberg Hill
Прогулянка цікавими закапелками Львова
Lviv is a unique city and I invite you to look into its soul. Join the journey through incredible places, different cultures, languages, religions, and destinies of famous and not only people were amazingly combined. I will show you from the middle of it both the most remarkable and unique places within the pedestrian area of Lviv. If you are new to the city - this tour is for you. We will see four quarters, including the Rynok Square, as a place for different religious groups in the past, and now a bizarre mix of architectural and gastronomic attractions. It is possible to tell about the historical and cultural facts very interestingly! Let's create an impression together! P.S. Write me a message if you want to visit this tour on another date or time that is not on the calendar.
Off the beaten track walk to High Castle
Did you know, that it's just a 15-20-minute walk from the old town to a vivid forest? Are you ready for some hiking? We meet at Rynok square - the very heart of the old town. We will walk through the oldest parts of the city towards the High Castle. You will learn about the history of lesser-known parts of Lviv. I will show you some peculiar courtyards and monasteries. Then we are going to have a light hike towards the top of High Castle Hill, the seat of power of the XIII century Ruthenian kings. Our path will go through the magnificent High Castle Park, the favorite place for holiday walks created by an Austrian gardener Bauer 150 years ago. Finally, we are going to climb the High Castle Hill, the highest viewpoint of Lviv. Other things to note. Please, take some comfortable clothes and shoes. This tour involves going up the stairs so be ready for an exercise. The hill itself is not accessible for people in wheelchairs.
Lychakiv Cemetery Tour
This astounding necropolis is one of the oldest in Europe. It is older than its well-known ‘fellows’- the Parisian Père Lachaisein and London’s Highgate. The Lychakiv Cemetery is rightfully called an outdoor museum. In its area of over 40 hectares, we will see more than 300 000 gravestones, monuments, and vaults. Many of them are not just masterpieces of art, but also important components of cultural and historical heritage. In 1991, the necropolis was officially recognized as a historical reserve. We will go to the Lychakiv Cemetery by taxi from the city center and will walk there for around 2 hours. I plan to show you the most interesting gravestones and will tell you interesting stories about people who were buried here. After walking we will come back to the city center by taxi. The entrance fee is included. Please contact me if you would like to attend the experience on a specific date that isn't available on the calendar. !!! FOR GROUPS and individuals: during COVID time I provide only individual experiences. If you are a solo traveler, please book "a private group" and I will provide this experience for you.
Секреты львовских двориков и стрит-арт
Львов прячет множество тайн в маленьких уютных двориках, а еще город богат на уличное искусством. Во время нашей 2,5 часовой прогулки мы окунемся в уникальную атмосферу стрит-арта и разведаем, что скрывают львовские дворики. Я буду вашим проводником в тайны Львова, которые скрываются от типичных туристов, которые никогда не выходят за пределы площади Рынок. И если вам кажется, что вы видели во Львове всё, вы просто не гуляли со мной :) Вас ждет невероятное приключение, так как я подготовила прогулку и рассказы о дворике монастыря, который защищал местных от вражеских набегов, расшифровки древних надписей на руинах скрытой синагоги, обзор уникальной коллекции писанок (пасхальных яиц) из Канады, прочтение символов на львовских муралах и старый советский завод, превратившийся в арт-объект и творческие мастерские. А еще вы увидите то место, где Львов был основан в XIII веке. Осторожно! В этом впечатлении собрано много искусства, истории, историй и шуток. Хорошее настроение и WOW эффект гарантирую я, гид по Львову Анна.
Ваш фотограф во Львове
Львов- это город полный истории, красоты и уюта. В любую погоду вы сможете найти что-то в нем интересное и прочувствовать настроение города. Львов это тот город, который очень любит фотографироваться. Ваши фотографии на фоне красивой архитектуры и уютных улочек будут вас долго радовать и проводить в восторг ваших друзей и коллег. Во время нашей фотопрогулки мы будем гулять с вами не только по самым достопримечательным местам города но и пойдёт туда где ещё, возможно, вы не были. И где не будет много людей. Мы будем с вами общаться, прыгать и веселится)) для каждого моего фотогероя индивидуальный подход) даже если вы хотите фотосессию но стесняетесь или панически боитесь фотоаппарата, через пол часа от начала фотосессии мы с вами станет хорошими друзьями и все страхи уйдут)) Если мы устанем или замёрзнем, зайдём согреемся в кафе (если это будет возможно в ввиду карантинных ограничений). И продолжим нашу фотосессию))) Приветствуются яркие эмоции, искрение улыбки и вы, настоящие)) берегите себя и буду очень рада с вами пообщаться и пофотографировать вас))
Full-day trip to Carpathian Mountains
!!! This tour is available on other days on request. In order to book it, contact me !!! We will start the trip early in the morning. During the trip, we will see nice landscapes, forests, hills, and mountains. I’ll tell you stories and legends about the Carpathians; you’ll learn a lot about the customs and traditions of Ukrainian Highlanders, their way of life, beliefs and magic. Our first stop is the village of Urych and mountain fortress of Tustan. It is possible to see the ancient medieval fortification using Tustan AR app on your smartphone. We will arrive in Skole, the town in the river valley surrounded by mountains. The town is famous for its wooden architecture and great cuisine. Skole is the perfect place to start a hike since it is the center of the Skolivski Beskydy national park. We'll be able to walk past Opir river, a picturesque lake, steams, waterfalls, up till an Iron Water source. We can have dinner in a nice restaurant with local cuisine. For your convenience and safety, I recommend taking comfortable sports or hiking shoes and insect repellents.
Photoshoot in Lviv - city ​​of pleasure
Я зустріну вас на центральній площі міста біля міської ратуші. Попередньо ми обговоримо: який одяг краще підібрати для фотосесії, щоб була приємна і цікава атмосфера. Також я маю команду, яка зможе допомогти Вам, як моделям, з організацією макіяжу та перукаря! В команді є стиліст, який може взяти на себе організацію стильного одягу або допомогти вибрати лук з вашого гардеробу! Під час фотопрогулянки ми будемо робити портрети, статичні, динамічні фото та гуляти історичною частиною Львова. Ви будете залишатись самим собою і насолоджуватись життям! Ми будемо жартувати і сміятись! І обов'язково зробимо зупинку в одній з львівських кав'ярень для того, щоб випити чашку кави. Перед фотосесію потрібно обговорити підготовку до фотозйомки. Я можу запропонувати кілька ідей! В зимовий період та холодну погоду я пропоную перенести прогулянку в теплу фотостудію:) Там ми зможемо реалізувати круті ідеї для вас. P/s. оренда студії орієнтовно +500 грн./год.