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Seasonal foods with herbs, spices, seaweeds and mushrooms
As a certified health coach, I have studied and now create ways to include plant based herbs and plants into lifestyle both culinary and topical skin care. A specific use of various dried mushroom and seaweed powders for boosting flavor and nutritional boosts in every type of cuisine . Learning the flavors and types of these nature provided ingredients help nourish people, animals and our earth. Making smoothies for meals on the go as well as implementing these plant based ingredients in your favorite recipes. I am not necessarily promoting vegetarian lifestyle but the inclusion of spices and herbs and the seaweed and mushroom powders to promote healing and more variety in our diets and overall lifestyle.
Paca Picnic!
Pack a Picnic! We'll meet you at the gate! Upon entering you will most likely be greeted by our female alpacas who are typically very curious about a new car arriving. We'll begin our tour by hand feeding these beauties, then move on to our small animal paddock where you will meet our sheep and goats. You will be able to hand feed them through the fence as they are a bit pushy. We’ll meet our male alpacas last, give them some yummy treats then wrap up our tour. You’re welcome to walk the property and enjoy the peace & quiet and have your own picnic. We have tables and chairs for you to use. This will be a mostly informal tour, if there is anything on the property you would like to see more of just let us know. Other things to note If the dates or times listed don’t work for you, you would like to book a private tour, or have more than 8 people attending please contact us with a day and time that will work and we’ll see if we can accommodate you!
Painting at The Blank Canvas Studio
At The Blank Canvas Gallery & Studio, we have a different spin on the new wave “paint & sips”, we have a themed image selection so every piece created is truly unique. We like to start with a theme of our guests choosing, some examples are an acrylic pour, watercolor or acrylic sunsets, landscapes, and abstract designs. Creative times can vary but usually last about one to two hours, depending on such variables as the project and levels of knowledge brought with our guests. We have all the art supplies and you bring your sips, adult or other favorites. You start with a blank canvas and leave with a canvas full of joyful colors and memories.
Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Factory Tour & Tasting
Guests will arrive to our brick & mortar location at the 8th Street Market. We begin the experience with a Meet & Greet over Cocoa Tea, then dive into the Bean-To-Bar Factory Tour followed by guided tasting of all our classic chocolate bars.
Milk a cow with Happy Grow Lucky Farm
Join us for for our morning or evening chores on the farm We start off our morning in the farm store where we prep all the equipment we need to milk. Then we will head down to the milk barn where you will get the chance to bottle feed our calves (baby cows) this is a great opportunity to pet our calves and be up close with our animals. We will also show you how to properly wash and prep a cow for milking. You then will get the chance to hand milk a cow. After that we will take the milk back down to our farm store where we will pour up the milk, you will get the chance to try our fresh chilled milk. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and take pictures during your entire experience. Check out all the stuff we have for sale in our farm store. Lastly you can take home a small sample of our milk to try or buy a more to enjoy
Downtown History & Architecture Tour
Explore the fascinating history, culture, and architectural legacy of Downtown St. Louis from the city's founding through its current development. Your experienced guides will discuss famous landmarks as well as hidden gems, stunning architectural details, and the art of historic preservation. Explore the architectural legacy of the heart of the City. From the bustling riverfront of the French-American entrepreneurs to the skyscrapers of the 20th century, you'll find famous architectural and engineering marvels. HIGHLIGHTS: Old Courthouse | Old Cathedral | Gateway Arch | Eads Bridge | Old Post Office | Wainwright Building | Philip Johnson designed office building
Walking Tour of Downtown St. Louis
This walking tour offers a fresh, original tour of downtown St. Louis. You'll explore historic landmarks, strange sculptures, hidden gems, and local watering holes to get the inside scoop on all the city has to offer. While taking in the beautiful architecture, you'll hear memorable stories that you won't hear anywhere else about the strange characters, local legends, and patchwork of public policies that have made St. Louis the place it is today.
Ring make-and-take with local artist
We'll get comfortable in our studio barn/workshop area, where you'll grab a glass of wine, a local craft beer, or glass of fresh spring water from our bar before we get started. After a brief tour of our little urban farm, I'll do a quick demonstration to show you the techniques and procedures for making several different styles of rings. Then you'll get busy working hands-on with different tools and materials to create your own custom, unique ring exactly to your liking. I can provide as much support as necessary to help you to feel comfortable with the process and to create your desired outcome. We'll seal/finish your ring if necessary and you'll take it home with you at the end of the session. Other things to note We have free-range chickens and a free-range cat. All are friendly. :) If you aren't seeing the date or time you'd like available on the calendar, feel free to send me a message and we'll try to work something out if possible!
Treehouse Couples Class How Touching!
THERAPEUTIC & ROMANTIC There is tremendous power in touch! This has been known for thousands of years in the Far East. Human beings have a need to be touched frequently Massage therapy brings healing and relaxation to a persons body. At the end of a hard days work nothing is better than a foot rub or neck and shoulder rub. I refer to it as “Ten Minutes in Heaven” I will instruct you in the basic principles of Swedish massage so you feel confident giving your partner relief from the stress of a long day! Your hands were made to touch each other!! This 90 minute class will give you skills you can use at home to put a smile on each other’s face. With my knowledge of massage and experience in teaching I will guide and instruct you to give a relaxing massage to your partner. Each of you will spend 30 minutes on the table with your partner working on your neck,shoulders,back,legs, and feet. You will both feel confident giving a mini massage to each other after a long day at work or while watching tv
From Seed to Sip- The Ultimate Farm-to-Cup Experience
This multi-dimensional experience is not just for tea enthusiasts. Whether you are a lover of nature and the outdoors, a novice gardener or forager, interested in learning about the health benefits of plants and herbs, pursuing self-sufficiency on any level, or just enjoy sipping delicious concoctions among beautiful ambiance, this experience is for you! We'll begin with a tour of our little urban farm, where you'll learn a bit about the ways you can cultivate- or simply take advantage of- nature's bounty. We'll set up shop in our studio barn, where I'll introduce you to our 100+ varieties of organically-grown and wild-crafted dried herbs, fruits, flowers, and teas and walk you through the process of creating gourmet tea blends- from seed to sip. After sampling several varieties, you'll get busy selecting ingredients for your own custom teas. Every sense will be engaged as you gather, crumble, crush, and steep multiple blends that are tailored to your preferences. Finally, enjoy the fruits of your labor by sipping your blends in one of many intentional spaces on our farm. Winter months might find you by one of the woodstoves or cozied up by our outdoor firepit. Warmer seasons bring opportunities for sitting creek-side, wandering among plants and trees, or lazing in the hammock swing. Finally, you'll take the remainder of your blends home to enjoy and to share... or not share!
Central West End Literary Bicycle Tour
As we ride through St. Louis' Central West End and West End, we'll visit the historic former residences of a surprisingly large number of well-known authors and read selections from their most enduring work. You'll ride through neighborhoods full of some of the most interesting architecture in the entire Midwest. A true c. 3-hour feast for the eyes and ears! Mike's Bikes, our local bike shop, has resumed doing rentals after a lengthy pandemic-induced interruption. All guests should contact Mike's directly at 314-875-0080 to reserve bicycles. Mike's charges $25.00 per bicycle for a three-hour rental.
Culinary Adventure in The Hill Neighborhood
Looking for an amazing time in St. Louis? The Hill is the destination if you're looking for a great place to visit! Dine with us at the best Italian restaurants only on the Hill in St. Louis! We also feature bakeries, markets, and retail stores. We will sample food from three Hill restaurants and shop at an authentic Italian market. Let's explore the Hill!
Isinglass Estate Wine & Ride
After you are warmly greeted in our gorgeous tasting room, we will head outside to meet your horse, and learn a bit about safety, steering and braking. We always leave plenty of time for questions or for cautious riders to get comfortable before setting out. First on the tour we will explore our 30 acre vineyard- the largest in Kansas. We will talk about the grapes, cultivation and harvesting. Next we will head to the forest trail head. Enjoy fantastic views of beautiful tall trees, squirrels, turkeys, and deer. Just as you are relaxing on your horse, we will top a hill, and the woods open up to incredible views of our private 25 acre lake. This is a great spot to stop for mounted photos, and really taking a moment to capture the views, the peace and the serenity of our estate. Next we'll round the lake and head back into the woods on a new trail that will take you back to the vineyard and finally to the tasting room. We'll help you to dismount, take some pictures with the mighty beast that you are now thinking about adopting, and get you back inside the winery. You have earned your wine! Choose from any of our diverse tasting flights, from sweet to super dry, and select a personal flatbread pizza from our GastroPub Trolley menu. Relax and enjoy your afternoon! Other things to note Feel free to come a bit early and relax before your ride. Full restrooms available.
Golf Cart Tour of Bentonville, Arkansas
Your time in Bentonville won’t be complete without discovering the city’s most popular Instagram-worthy landmarks, public art installations and murals. Through this guided golf cart tour, you will explore the city streets and learn first-hand what makes Bentonville a city like no other. Discover the best restaurants, bars and hideaways with your local guide and leave with memories that last a lifetime.
Eagle Nest Falls / Kings River Hike
Take a trip to the beautiful Eagle Nest Falls! A natural cavern sits beside this beautiful waterfall. The hike is an intermediate hike taking you down creek beds and cliff sides to a beautiful hidden wonder world. We’ll travel further down the creek bed to the Kings River where we will get to marvel over the beautiful Kings River bluffs. Ending on a high note.. we’ll walk along the bluffs until the mighty Kings steps into sight. Location: This trail is located 30-40 mins (20 miles: partial maintained dirt road) south of Eureka. Getting There: We will drive to the trailhead separate. We will meet at a designated surveillanced meeting spot where you will then follow me in your own vehicle to the trailhead. About your guide: I am a trained survivalist and will make small talk about the outdoors and the area once we get going. There are places where team work will be involved to get through obstacles. I hope my guests leave with a sense of wonder and greater respect and love for the outdoors. Those who may have never hiked, it is my hope that they leave with a confidence that they could do it on their own and find their love of exploration. I am a former survivalist of the show “Naked and Afraid”. I’m also a 10 year military veteran with SERE survival training. I hope I help foster the urge to get out more! Please message me for dates and times not listed. NO RESTROOM!