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Kayaking Adventure to Old Harry Rocks
Our sea kayaking adventure in Studland bay is something pretty special. It marks the beginning of the Jurassic Coastline, a UNESCO World Heritage sight, for one, but for two, our patch of Dorset wild which also happens to be an iconic landmark Old Harry Rocks, that is filled to the brim in myth, magic and legend, with the tales of pirates and smugglers contributing to the history of our home which we happily share along the way. Old Harry Rocks is a beautiful and iconic sea kayaking destination, and the best way to explore this iconic landmark is from a sea Kayak, our hut on the shores of Middle beach is just a short paddle away. After an inital safety briefing you will join us and jump aboard the kayaks to explore Studland bay in Dorset before heading out to Old Harry Rocks. From here, you will be guided you to explore the sea caves, arches and stacks of this iconic landmark by kayak. We will have frequent stops to discuss this area of outstanding natural beauty and there will ample opportunity to learn about the eco system and geology along the way. These trips are run using double sit on top kayaks, please book in your family or social bubble groups as you will be sharing a kayak. If you are booking an uneven group number we have some single kayaks for this situation, if you want a single kayak please contact us and we can discuss other trips with you. Min age 12+
Afternoon tea with the Alpacas
You will be warmly greeted and shown to your picnic table (in the winter months you can eat in our cosy warm cabin) ready to meet the Alpacas. This is an afternoon tea with a difference, you will enjoy a short talk by your host on alpacas so you learn a bit about them, then you will be able to enjoy your afternoon tea whilst the alpacas graze close by. This will consist of a selection of sandwiches and cakes and a pot of tea or coffee. You will be able to enjoy your afternoon tea with the alpacas as they will graze right up close to your table so keep an eye on your cake! A great opportunity to take photos, get to know more about Alpacas whilst enjoying an afternoon tea. This is in a peaceful setting so a chance to relax away from crowds, enjoy some quiet time and be close to nature with Alpacas for company. After your afternoon tea you will be able to feed the alpacas so this is a unique experience and so much more than just an afternoon tea. Other things to note In the winter months, you will be able to eat in our warm and cosy cabin. Afterwards you will be able to feed our alpacas. Well behaved children are welcome, however we are not a petting zoo and is not suitable for children who want to run, scream and shout. This is a peaceful but fun experience.
The Titanic Secrets of Southampton
We will meet at the foot of the Town Quay, Southampton's Port of call for ships sailing to the Isle of Wight. As we walk, we will hear of how the Port of Southampton today operates, where, and what Cruises operate from these busy Piers. We will visit the site of the Mayflower ship's last docking before sailing to America. We will walk the start of the QE2 Mile, hearing of that modern famous ships connection to Southampton. We will then see the secret location of the White Star Line's office, where the bereaved waited news of the Titanic's Fate. And finally to Oxford Street, home to all the things Titanic. We will speak and see of all the surprises of the Titanic hiding in plain sight of Modern Southampton. WALSH TOURS PLEASE NOTE THIS EXPERIENCE REQUIRES A MINIMUM BOOKING OF TWO GUESTS GROUPS LIMITED TO 8 GUESTS TOTAL PRIVATE TOURS ALSO AVAILABLE OUTDOORS ONLY
Meet and Greet the Alpacas
When you arrive , you will be warmly welcomed. You will be offered a drink of tea, coffee or a soft drink. After a brief safety talk, the alpacas will come in to meet you. You will be given a talk on alpacas so you will learn all about them and a chance to ask questions. You will then be able to feed the alpacas. A chance to take some great photos. This experiece is perfect for all ages. A chance to feed the alpacas and learn more about where they come from and how we care for them.
Meet the Goats at Friends Farm
Meet, feed and groom the goats on our smallholding in south Hampshire. We will start by introducing you to the herd and giving them a brush - this will also double as a chance to learn goat manners! For those interested in learning more about goats in general there'll be plenty of chances to ask questions. We keep two different breeds of goats: floppy-eared, cheeky Nubians and tough and scrappy English. Then we'll take the goats for a short walk in their pasture - this may involve stepping through nettles and brambles so please come prepared with appropriate clothing! Here we'll have a chance to watch the goats in their element and help them find the best forage to eat. After a while we'll herd them back home and give them a final goodbye after answering any final questions. For those wanting refreshments before you leave, a complimentary tea or coffee will be available in our renovated barn cafe where we also have cakes and a variety of local arts and crafts for sale. Please bare in mind that goats dislike wet weather (often refusing to go out in the rain) so in the event of a bad forecast some bookings may need to be rescheduled.
Guided walks with New Forest Nature and Nurture
We will meet for a guided walk in the New Forest. I can tailor to your needs and delve into the real working forest away from the tourist hotspots while sharing with you my local knowledge of the history, landscape, wildlife and local people to give you a better understanding for this beautiful place and how the grazing animals have shaped the landscape. The walks average 4-7 miles and can easily involve a pub lunch on request. The walks are not limited to daytime, I can be a available at sunrise or sunset to see the best of the wildlife. Longer or shorter walks are available on request. I would advise contacting me first so we can tailor the walk for you.
Walk an Alpaca followed by Afternoon Tea
You will be warmly welcomed and introduced to the Alpacas, after a chat about them we will set off for a walk around our fields which will take about half an hour,.sometimes longer as the alpacas like to stop and graze along the way so a great opportunity to take photos. After our walk, you will be able to sit at our picnic tables whilst we get your afternoon tea ready with a selection of sandwiches and cakes, all served on a 3 tier cake stand. During your afternoon Tea , the Alpacas will graze around your table so you can sit and observe them close up and see all their different characters. This is a unique experience and great fun as well as a chance to relax and enjoy being close to nature. Other things to note The walk is at a slow pace and you will be with your host in a small group, You will learn about Alpacas and then enjoy an afternoon tea with a selection of sandwiches and cakes.
Mindful Alpaca Walking Experience
A warm welcome awaits. We will start by talking about some interesting facts about Alpacas. You will meet the Alpacas while I get them ready with their lead ropes and we will have a talk about how to be around them and their different temperaments. Once they are all ready to go, you will be given an Alpaca to walk around our fields. The experience is about spending time with these lovely alpacas as well as a walk. Remember to bring your camera to take photos so you have a memory to keep. Once we have had our walk, maybe stopping a few times to let the Alpacas graze, we will arrive back for a chance to take more photos and give the Alpacas some treats as a thank you to them. This is a nice opportunity to be able to be really close to them and have some selfies. You will then have a choice of Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, or squash and some biscuits and a chat about your experience . We are a small private farm so no crowds, just our family home with our animals for you to enjoy. Other things to note Everyone should be confident walkers over bumpy/muddy ground. Children under 8 can share an alpaca with an adult. The walk is at a slow pace as the Alpacas like to graze along the way.
Photography at Bournemouth beach
Bournemouth beach, the pier and cliffs are one of the UK's major tourist attractions. High summer or off-season there is always something interesting going on. Join me to discover the fabulous picture opportunities here and learn more about the mysteries of composition, exposure and how to shoot memorable images. I have 25 years experience of working professionally as a full-time photographer and will share my knowledge as we walk. If you're interested in photography and would like to join me with a modest point-and-shoot camera or DSLR together we'll produce stunning images during your stay in Bournemouth. It will be fun! Other things to note My photowalks are relaxed and there is no expectation on my guests to know anything about photography or how to use a camera. Knowlegeable or just curious - we will make images without pressure.
Sketching Bournemouth
I'll show you the different architectures and landscapes we can have in the city of Bournemouth. We will walk around the city centre and beachfront. You don't need to have drawing experience, as I'll show all the techniques and select the right buildings for your level. Of course if you already know the city, you can also choose the buildings / landscape you want to draw. Also you don't need to worry about any supplies, I'm going to offer you everything you need to draw.
Alpacas and Sound Healing Experience
Guests will arrive and be greeted by our resident alpacas (Gary, Ian and Derrick) who roam outside the sound healing studio. There is an opportunity to feed and take photos. They will then be welcomed into the gong space with a ceremonial cacao with rose drink and invited to bring an intention to the sound healing if they wish. They will then be given a choice of organic essential oils, Egyptian cotton pillows, soft blankets and eye pillows to relax and lay down on a comfy mattress. An array of elemental and planetary gongs will be played, followed by some more gentle instruments. Guests will be encouraged to come round from the experience in their own time with a period of silence at the end. Please contact me for availability other than the dates advertised. Some recent testimonials: “I have been to several gong baths, but Fiona is on a whole different level. You get welcomed in the most loving way. It’s like a beautiful retreat.. I always come back completely restored. Can’t recommend enough.” (Steff, Ringwood, 2022) “With Fiona’s loving gong playing and the frequencies of the gorgeous gong collection there is a healing effect on every cell of my body.” (Hayley, Portsmouth, 2022) “I have been going to this lovely, private, exclusive venue for a couple of years and enjoy every minute of the peace, solitude and sound healing,” (Jackie, New Forest, Ringwood 2022)
Craft a handmade leather belt
I'll start by guiding you through the basic skills of measuring, cutting, edging, creasing and stitching leather whilst teaching you something of the rich history of english tanning and saddlery. I will teach you how to saddle stitch, using the clams, awl and two needles, and all the while I'll keep you supplied with drinks and snacks. The second half of your time will be dedicated to making your own piece where you can choose the belt size, leather colour and buckle type such that you'll end up with a truly unique and lasting souvenir of the day that you, or a special friend or relative will cherish for years to come. (Please don't feel bound by the times and dates on this site, contact me and I can usually be pretty flexible.) Other things to note There is no need for any prior experience but the stitching does require reasonable dexterity and strength so I would suggest this is experience is for older teenagers and adults only. Please don't feel bound by the times and dates on this site, contact me and I can usually be pretty flexible.
A guide to better Photography
Before the workshop I will contact you to find out a bit more about your photographic interests and level of experience. I will meet you at the superb locations of Blackwater here in the New Forest. With the lovely backdrop of tall trees, open heath and a pond we will work on Basic Controls of the camera and the lens together with what some of the buttons do and what information the camera can provide. We will work on composition and how to take best advantage of the available light and how it changes. We will explore scenarios from photographing your family in the landscape, landscape photography itself to photographing wildlife and nature. After we finish I will prepare a summary of what we covered to help you take in the new techniques which will help your photography grow. Other things to note This photography learning experience is aimed at photographers who tend to use program and auto modes and would like to know more about how to get the best out of their camera. The experience will last around 2 1/2 hours Jo and Henry can also provide accommodation through Air BnB at Ridge Cottage https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/38690771?source_impression_id=p3_1625403308_xD9ebAhlkyOJ6Wzc&guests=1&adults=1
Donkey walking in the New Forest countryside
Join me on a guided donkey walk in the New Forest! The experience is for small private groups (up to 5 people) from 6 years old upwards and it takes place on off road private tracks just outside Fordingbridge, Hampshire, UK. We will not ride the donkeys, but we will lead them and walk alongside them. My two donkeys, Ulysses and Arthur, will help us carry our picnic bags on their custom-made pack saddles, while I will talk about all things donkeys! You will have a chance to learn about donkey behaviour, what activities donkeys do around the world and how to care for them. Donkeys naturally walk at a slow pace, which will give you the opportunity to slow down from a busy routine and connect with nature. We will walk through farmland and woodland and we will meet sheep and cows on the way and maybe a free roaming deer. In the woodlands, we will be able to see which wild plants the donkeys love and are good for their health. They are excellent herbalists!The walk will last approximately 1.5 hours and it is a great introduction to donkey walking. The experience includes a small picnic half way and the chance to brush the donkeys. All guests will receive a rosette at the end of the walk and children will receive a hand made donkey colouring book.
Paddle board around Christchurch harbor
I’ve traveled the world creating amazing experiences for people for over a decade, working in some of the finest resorts in the world. I’m now bringing my experience back to where I grew up in Christchurch. Taking people out for a amazing stand up paddle tour winding through both the river Stour and Avon. On this 3 hour experience you will see amazing scenery and get close to some wildlife, this will all be pictured on a your guides waterproof camera and shared with you and your fans on Instagram and Facebook. I will provide buoyancy aids for all ages but it is not compulsory for over 18s as the water is generally very calm. Small children can share a board with a parent.