harry's castle :)

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a scottish castle or old gothic church interior ground floor quarter of 140 years old historical listed building, with lamps constantly lit, & ivory pure silk sheets. i am a royal lady, former dr and therapist, now antiques dealer in tv and media. so this is the perfect place for relaxation, healing and spiritual retreat :) you come here for this remarkable house, to totally relax, to be spoiled by me with my full attention on you alone, to make your visit here a life changing experience.

even tho i am almost 60 years of age, i am still very a child at heart, so i ask that you please try to view my premises here thru a child's eyes :) we grow old physically, but the heart never grows old, and i am still just a 14 year old girl at heart, and this wee home is where i have everything i always dreamed of at that age, but could never have :) this is both my total playroom, all in one, where i do every creative thing i please from day to day, even a different thing every day :) you will be staying in my own room, where i have a mountain of boxes of brand new "irregular choice" very expensive bridal shoes stacked up in boxes. also my late mother's solid silver dressing table pieces on my bedroom cabinet :) i have heaps of amazing victorian clothes and costumes too :)
i must tell you firstly that this is not a literal castle, but i have created this old listed building with a castle interior, and even shipped up a genuine tudor castle door to be put in as my front door, and a stained glass back door to the patio. my old ginger cat harry runs this wee castle, not me, hence the name, "harry's castle" :) the high spot of your visit will be to meet him, as he is the star of the whole show, and if you are lucky he will climb up and drape himself round your shoulders like a fur stole :) as a christian white witch, he is also my familiar, and my soul mate. he came to me as a stray shortly after my husband died. in fact at first i used to keep shooing him away, but one day he refused to go and sat staring into my eyes defiantly. so i let him in and that was that. he is my guardian angel and has appointed himself as my full time caregiver also :) at night he sleeps on my chest, peering at my face closely until he sees he fall asleep safe, and as i do not change position in the night, so he is still lying on my chest when i wake up in the mornings :) often if my breathing is bad in the night, he wakes me up gently to get up for a while, and he is so loving that often when i am just dozing, i feel him gently padding my face with his pront paws, and playing with my very long hair lovingly:) he lets me know clearly who he likes and doesn't like coming in my house :) he loves his home very much, and often sits just gazing around with pride at his luxurious empire :)
i would say our wee castle here is more akin to something you would find in a harry potter movie :) like hogwarts castle, every corner is magical and full of surprises, and every inch of wall space is covered with centuries old paintings and portraits, some of which each painting is valued at over £100,000 :) my friends tell me i have great knowledge and wisdom to offer as a retired dr of psychology, and the art of magic too that i used to use as part iof therapy, and i would like to be a cross between professor dumbledore and miss marple lol, yet i only feel about 16 in myself :) yes i am a deeply spiritual christian, and yes i am also a natural witch, which i have inherited from my great grandma, and still have many of her own wicthes items from the mid 1800's. so you are coming to stay in a genuine real traditdional witches house first hand, so expect the unusual and take me as you find me :)
i am extremely caring and empathic, and maternal also, and at 60 years of age i wish to be as much help to my younger guests as i possibly can in their lifes, in any way i can :) i have a share in my business partner's gift shop in town, and i do indeed make up my own medicines and potions to sell in the shop, with my own secret ingredients, some of which are herbal, and others chemical or mineral, or even animal products :) it is said that if you take a cats whisker (shed naturally) and hold it in one hand, and set light to the other end, and then say an affirmation into the smoke from it, the affirmation will come true :) prayer is a very powerful tool also, tho not just because of the deity you are praying to, as i talk in my heart to my late husband in my prayers, but scientifically because it brings in the subconscious into play, and also helps to focus both your conscious and subconscious on the matter at hand, but it is not the prayer alone that works, as in psychology we say, "the thought is only the trigger, but it is the action that follows that has the real power.". we all have questions about life and death, or even just our own lives, and i have found personally that through praying and reflecting silently during my quiet time late at night, the answers come to me from all different sources, maybe something i overheard in a coffee shop, or something said or done on tv or radio, or even in a book :) and often the answer just comes to your own mind like a huge realisation all at once :) we all reach a point in our life when we have what i call our "awakening moment" and the penny drops, and suddenly everything makes perfect sense all at once. but it is not usually a case of bells ringing all over the world as we maybe hoped, but rather, it is more like hitting the ground with a big bump, and even feeling rather disillusioned at all we thought was so great in the past. but the beauty of this is once we have gone thru it, we all to look forward to the future with renewed passion of a new kind xoxoxoxo
my first guest, lydie, said the house is more than you can grasp from the photos i have posted here. she told me it was so much moreso than she had expected, and that it was awesome and amazing in concept. i must tell you this place is very small spacewise, and i have every corner and wall space crammed with valuable antiques, including ming porcelain valued also at over £120,000. but this is a 140 years old dockside historical listed building in a small village, and this building has a govt preservation order on it. built by the earl of zetland as a tenement for the dockers originally, comprising bedroom, sitting room, small library room, and kitchen and shower room. masonic crest above front entrance. being retired as a dr, i now use it as an antiques shop also, as i have gone into the antiques business last 5 years, and do a lot in tv and media in this field, tho most of my sales are on line on my business site.
please do not expect perfection in the home, as i keep this as a working place and not as a show home, and am not at all houseproud apart from blatant damages to valuable items. i have not really designed it as a guest house, but see it as an invitation to spend the night or a few nights in my private home, surrounded by rare and valuable amazing things, in the company of a genuine elder dr and witch, and to share in some of what i do. i have wondered if my listing might be more appropriate for the "experience" section of airbnb :)
there is a river and trees for walking right opposite. a 24 hours superstore in the next street. this building is a scottish natural sandstone terrace house built as 4 apartments, with all original features including 140 years old staircase and cast iron bannister rails and beautiful woodwork, original old windows, original electrical wiring etc.. all the furnishings and interior decor is genuine historical antique, like the movies, even the washing up bowl is 1940's french enamel, and the washing up brush is antique real old bristle and wood. nothing plastic in the house. all the floors are bare wood throughout. there are a lot of antique taxidermy animals in the house, including full taxidermy rugs almost everywhere. i have a 1700's dark oak carved castle bed coming soon, which will be amazing with ivory pure silk sheets to sleep in. i also have antique 1800's french bed linens, that i got from a castle clearance in france, so please don't be shy to let me know which you would prefer for your stay :) this a smoking home, but no smoking in bedroom please. the only place i smoke is sitting at my work desk, and i roll my own cigarettes so little bits of tobacco fall on the floor under my desk :)
i serve wine and also have a full range of bar stock or alcoholic drinks and mixers which you are welcome to try while here, so long as you do not become drunk and disorderly :)
also please do not forget that this is not a hotel or professional guest house. this is my private home and also my antiques business premises. everything you will need to use is spotlessly clean, eg bed is changed fresh and clean for you, surfaces in your bedroom area clean, toilet, wash basin and shower cubicle are spotless, i even place red roses in the shower tray, as in whole bathroom, and i don't do anything with food at home normally being on a liquid diet only, so kitchen surfaces and appliances are also immaculately clean.
but you must expect that because it is such an old building, filled in every corner with old dusty valuable antique furnishings and museum pieces, there will be dust in corners and on surfaces of a few pieces of furniture or items that i don't touch very often. but then, in my way of life, this is what you pay and come and experience :) a bit of dust on surfaces never harmed anyone, as it didnt in our grandparents day, and neither did a bit of tobacco on the floor under a table. this is only a superficial thing, which can be cleaned up in half an hour by cleaaners, but the most important thing is what is the on the inside of a person that matters, and sadly a human heart cannot be cleaned so easily as a floor xxxxx many of my valuable items are infact pursposefully kept this way for the old patina, and it would actually devalue them greatly to try and clean them up :)
an old rambling house for those people who want a unique and maybe life changing experience, like something out of the upmarket victorian times, and is not for people who are looking for brand new sparking surroundings or professional bed and breakfast accommodation. the fact i am not houseproud should encourage you to relax here even moreso :) i also dress the whole time in floor length victorian style dresses, with beautiful laces and victorian style shoes too :) i also always wear a flower in my very long hair, if i am not wearing a hat :) i do enjoy my white magic, which is the main thing, even tho i am a christian woman, but the whole point is to be creative and to try to bring some romance and sparkle into daily life, and also to do it as therapy, and as a dr of psychology i had great results from using magic as therapy :) but when i am perforing my rituals, i do wear the appropriate witches costume :)
during my working life when younger i have met on tv both the then conservative prime minister, john major, and the later labour prime minister, tony blair. they were both very nice and kind to me, and when i asked each how they cope with waking up to hate mail and negative things written about them in the papers every day, which i told them would distress me very much, they both said to me gently, "you have to learn elizabeth, that we can never please everybody all at once." and it is true there would be someone who would criticise and pull you down even if you stood on the street corner handing out £10 notes :) so my secret of happiness is to be my own self, be the best i can be in my own ways, and to remember that my late husband adored me not "in spite of" anything, but in fact BECAUSE. he loved all my wee eccentricities, and my knowledge as a dr too, so i take no notice of what others think or say unless it is sound advice from sound business or professional friends :) i have also written and published 7 books in my 20's and 30's, the first of which prince charles kindly agreed to write the forward for :) my advice to any person is to make each day that comes as simply "painless" for youself as possible :) be your own self and do whatever makes you happy :) simply "appreciate" as there is no one to answer to, nor to go out and impress :) neither is there anything to "prove" :) life is to be lived and enjoyed in the present moment, but with hope for the future too, both in this lifetime and the next dimension, if you happen to believe in this :) i have no fixed beliefs or opinions on any subject at all, but love to learn from other people, and i just keep and open mind and open heart to all possibilities :)
as my last guest lydie said in her review, the main reason you will come here is for this remarkable house itself, which is often used for tv and media features, and for a place to totally relax and chill out, to be spoiled by me with my full attention on you alone, and my skills in mentoring and counselling, life coaching and holistic therapy, to make your visit here a life changing experience for you, from which we will both hopefully learn something from each other.
please note that i open a bottle of a very nice wine for all my guests on arrival, unless they prefer tea or coffee first, with no extra charge, and they can pick any alcoholic drink to try from my extensive drinks bar. wine is free, but other alcoholic drinks are £2 each for a good home measure, and this money gioes towards my widow's charity x
if you would like, i can offer a simple evening supper of a shared large plate of hot oven chicken and turkey breast portions in breadcrumbs, heated in the oven, together with hot cheesy potato rolls, and mini chicken kievs, or even one of thew more expensive large microwave meals, which i am happy to serve with my late mum's best 1800s antique old royal fine bone china crockery and antique 1900s bone or pearl handle engraved silver cutlery at my victorian kitchen dining table, or you can relax with a meal on your lap in my sitting room as i often do :) this is at no extra cost :) we can also sit and chat with some wine served in 140 years old bohemian crystal drinking glasses, and a bowl of stuffed olives :) i also prepare a full continental breakfast with fresh ground costa coffee in a plunger coffee jug cafetierre, with seasonal fruits, bananas and fresh raspberries, and strawberries, warm croissants with best dairy butter, and warm danish pastries with various delicious fillings. i can supply plain creamy yoghurt to go with the raspberries or blend you a raspberry and banana and maybe yoghurt natural smoothie for breakfast too :)
PS: my basic charge does not include service or tips. my basic charge does include all your art and creative materials that we might be using together if you wish, and your essential oils for aromatherapy etc, and your matertials for performing rituals and magical spells with me if you wish to try this :) plus for your food (supper and breakfast, biscuits in between), and i am the only airbnb place in this area providing breakfast at all :)
please note that my profits from this after expenses incurred, go to my widows charity foundation that i set up myself a few years ago when i lost my husband xoxoxo if you wish to leave a tip or donate, then please do :) also feel free to buy anything from my shop premises :) tho this is definitely NOT a "rummage sale" as my last guest said in her review, as i sensed for some reason she had a resentment of me that i don't know why? i do have many exlusive buyers in showbusiness and aristocracy coming here to buy something unique and very expensive at times, but i am not permitted to name names. most of my sales are on my web site or at sothebys auctions in london, which are famous all over the world :)

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Falkirk, Scotland, בריטניה

quiet residential street in small village, with heavy industry nearby. this is a beautiful street in itself, especially this terrace of 8 old sandstone tenement buildings which are all listed by the govt under a preservation order. but it is only a small scottish residential village, with a huge oil refinery, the largest in the uk, and the 3rd largest in europe, around the edge of the village. you will either love or hate the industry if you go to see it, or find it fascinating and dramatic to see and take photos of :) apart from a local wetherpoons bar / resturant which is set in a real old disused church in the village centre, still with the orginal organ pipes at the front. there is nothing more here than a small simple shopping precinct within about 5 minutes walk from this house, where you will find about 50 small private shops, and lots of cafes and coffee shops, including a costa coffee shop, and a lovely italian bistro bar for a nice lunch too :) this is a place people will come who are seeking to relax and find some peace and quiet to totally chill out, and refreshment for the soul, but not for people who are looking for city life and good nights out clubbing, and local entertainments or sightseeing locally. having said this, the world famous massive falkirk wheel which is the first and only piece of engineering of its kind in the whole world, to hoist boats from one canal to another over the lock, using balance and counterbalance only, and no other power source, just up the road in falkirk. there is a restaurant and shop there too for tourists, and you can even take a boat trip along the canal, and go up and down in the hoist. also we have the kelpies nearby, the 2 gigantic horses heads, which were designed and built 3 years ago, and rock back and forth to open and close the lock to control the flow of water to the canals. these are not far away about 5 mins by taxi. and also this village is only 15 minutes each way by train to both edinburgh and glasgow cities of which this town is half way between both of them :) the falkirk football stadium is less than 5 minutes by taxi, and every sunday early morning they hold a car boot sale there, which i personally love to going to, to seek out antiques. depending how long you stay, we could go there together so that you can learn also. you will find a great deal of the arts and culture going on in the cities, plus larger and more famous historcial buildings and art galleries, but these will be charging top prices, while the cost of daily living in this village, eg: eating and drinking out, is much lower. there are also several other large hotels in this village, but just run of the mill as hotels go these days, and nothing extraordinary to experience. there is also a docks here, and you can hear the sounds of the docks on a quiet day from this house. there is an old heavy docks train running the other side of the river from this house, and often in the evening you can hear the deep rumbling of the train which only happens occasionally. we always called it "the ghost train" because you can hear it's rumbling but you cannot see it from here :) the only place you can actually see the extremely long and heavy old docks train and its endless tanks, is from the asda superstore coffee shop, best time about lunch time :) the river runs all along this street on the opposite side to this house, and depending on time of year, you can see herons swooping into the water to catch fish, and also there are constantly big black crows calling and nesting in the tall trees on the river bank :) also lots of magpies birds with their stunning black and white feathers. this is also magical for me, as all of the crow family are magical birds, and appear often in our mythology :) in ancient times here, a crow, a magpie or a raven, was a witches companion and familiar :) also if you feel like sitting out on the patio in the early hours of the morning, preferably just on dawn break, you are likely to see a fox around these grounds and the neighbours grounds :) it is best to come here on a full moon if you can, because the moon controls the tides, and on a full moon, the river is almost full with clear water, and so you see more wildlife as the animals tend to come out at night on a full moon when there is light for them.
there is a mcdonalds resturant and takeaway drive thru, on the roundabout road just a mile down the main road from this house. it is open 24/7. if you go there at night, you will see wild rabbits all over the place too. but magic is not always about nature itself, or not necessarily about wildness as opposed to civilisation ... i do many of my magic rituals and spells by saving packaging etc discarded from our local mcdonalds, and also using industrial findings :) for real magic, we need creative thinking and imagination, and empathy. and an urban witch is very different in her ways of celeration of life, to a country witch :) a country witch is out gathering wild berries and leaves from hedge rows and meadows, but an urban witch is out gathering items symbolic of her urban lifestyle and the people in her community :) incidentally, when i do my witches magical rituals and blessings, i also dress for this activity if i have company, with floor length keltic cloak with hood, and one of my cloaks has a mink fur edging too. i have all the essential witches tools, mainly my well used wand, which is one of a pair hand made for me by a contemporary wizard, for me and my late husband peter. although i am close to christ and his teachings, i have my witches altar in my small hallway, which i use weekly to place offerings of the 4 elements, earth, air, fire and water, to say thankyou to the universe for all i have. also we can do offerings of pot pourri, or things found in my grounds, ofcourse asking the permission of the garden and back yard angels before taking them :) remember the the balance of the whole universe is maintained by the balance and polarity of 2 equal opposites, as physics itself says, " for every force, there is an equal and opposing force" which is true spiritually also, as in every area of our lives, even in our relationships xoxoxox all things we do in our life are symbolic of the higher level of life, but we all seek perfect unity, both in our life and in all this world, but we can never ever find the perfect unity we long for in the physical, practical world, only on the spiritual level :) another good one to remember is the first law of physics, "energy can neither be created nor destroyed. it can only be changed." this means that even after we depart our bodies, our energies and our essence goes on xoxoxoxo
my fave quote is the masonic latin quote "virtus junxit mort non separabit" which means, "whom virtue unites, death cannot separate" xoxoxoxox

באירוח Dr Elizabeth

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i am a widow of 7 years. i am a titled royal lady by marriage to my late husband who was a royal lord, and also a retired dr of psychology, specialising in the spirituality of counselling and psychotherapy. i have gone into the antiques and fine arts trade the last 2 or 3 years. i am a deeply spiritual, creative and sensitive person. i have written and published 6 books, one of which prince charles agreed to kindly write the foreword for me. i mostly do writing for my professional journals, painting (llustration for my work) and craft work with wood and metal or pottery, even paper crafts these days. i love and collect antiques and fine arts, and sell mostly on line where i have my website. i am also a partner with a substantial share in a local gift shop, which is my basic weekly income. i am a philanthropist and theosophist by nature. i love learning about culture and history. i love to have people visiting me as a hostess, and like to be the perfect hostess at my home, even to all my friends. i live a very simple and monastic lifestyle myself alone, eating and sleeping as little as i can, and working on industrious things as many hours as possible, which i enjoy :) however, i also own a 4 acre estate near the borders of scotland, which i rent out, plus my other investments such as shareholdings, that bring me an income every 6 months. it might interest you to know that the value of my antique stock on my premises here, as told by 2 recent top tv antiques dealers, is a little over £2 million. so you imagine my home is quite remarkable :) i have been used to being on tv and radio features frequently, with my work both in the past and present. i love to feel i have helped someone along their life journey, and if i can be of any help to my guests here, this will be great :) mt general philosophy of life is to take nothing for granted, but tdo be thankful for all things. after all, at the end of thea day, all we have in this world, even our life itself, is only by the grace of those who have lived and died before us. my latea husband left me £35 million, yet i choose to live a very simplistic lifesatyle, and i live in the smallest place i could find that is perfect for me and what i do, and when i depart, it will all go back to this world who has loaned it to me for my stay on this earth :) in this way i feel like i a steward and a servant of a more important purpose which will go on long after i am gone :) i live very much by grace alone, as i suffered a near death illness a few years ago, total body organ failure and even kidney dialysis, during which i was in a coma for 5 months, and they asked my husband's permission to switch off my life support, but he refused. when i did finally come round and was well enough, the dr who had cared for my case, told me that nightd they asked my husband to terminatea my life support, he kneltd in front of the drs chair, held both her hands in tears, and called out to thea powers that be in the universe, to leat me live and to takea his life instead. he lived just long enough tdo see me homea safea, my carea seat up, and my finances secure, then within 7 months of his prayer, he was dead. but before he died hea promised mea that whean it is my timea to join him, he will be there waiting to embracea me and welcome mea home, and he added, and you beatter bewlieave that, cos it's true, you'll see :) i miss him terribly but i enjoy the life i have thanks to him, and am probably the happiest widow in scotland (Phone number hidden by Airbnb)
i am a widow of 7 years. i am a titled royal lady by marriage to my late husband who was a royal lord, and also a retired dr of psychology, specialising in the spirituality of coun…

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i will remain in the house the whole time and will be happy to chat to guests and be good company unless they go to bedroom or kitchen or patio for time alone or working on their laptops. i will be delighted to involve guests in the creative work and business i do from home, if they wish, even tv and media work, and my published written work, if they are interested :) being a widow alone with poor mobility, i also pay a little if guests wish to do any small helpful jobs for me around the home or in my business.
it might interest you to know that my late husband was born in edinburgh city, and his estate was just south of edinburgh, as he was a titled royal lord, and he owned most of the pentland hills just south of edinburgh, and almost all the villages in his district too. from my marriage to him i am a titled royal lady, but do not use it as it counts for little these days, and i have gone back to using my maiden name and my professional title of dr. you might have heard of the rosslyn chapel which was featured in the movie "the da vinci code" a few years ago. well, the rosslyn chapel used to belong to my husband's family on his mother's side. it was their land, and all his ancestors were buried there. his great great grand father, the prior abernethy, led the famous battle of rosslyn glen (google this) which was about the scottish lord my late husband's great great grandfather, leading the battle against the tyrannical english king to marry the english princess. my husband used to tell me this was our own story, because i am english by birth, from a high family also, (my father was a sir, an OBE, and my mum was then a lady beacause of him), and my family were aginst our relationship. there is said to be secret ancient music known only to the knights templars, carved into the stones at rosslyn chapel. it is also said to be where the holy grail lies, in the vaults beneath the chapel itself.
a lot of my work and business is in the media and on tv and radio, and in publishing of books, so guests will hopefully find me an interesting and very helpful person to talk to about career or business and learn from. i am also a retired dr of psychology, specialising in the spirituality of psychiatry and the subconscious, and am happy to discuss these things with guests, in a positive light, even tho i never debate religious or scientific doctrine, as i am not by nature an argumentive person :).
a recent female american guest, only my second guest, came here saying she wished to discuss spirituality with me to learn, and for my help as a professional dr of this subject. but it turned out she came here especially looking for an argument, being a confirmed athiest herself and to mock my way of life and work. but i do not argue, so simply sat back quiet and let her dominate the conversation while noticing that most of what she said during the evening all conflicted with itself. she denigrated my antiques business, and also complained that i sent her a very kind email after her visit, to try and answer some of the spiritual questions she had asked me. but i am happy because only one bad review from my very first 2 guests, is good going, and everyone can see my first guest lydie's review of what a nice person i am to be with, and that it was well worth coming here. she even asked me to keep in touch with her a friend after the visit, for my help with her life, and wants to come again :)
my home is typical of an anthropologist and theosophist, as i have collections of historical items and artefacts from all cultures and human history, including the ancient british spiritual culture of pagan and white magic, new age philosophy, also freemasonry, catholic and ancient keltic, renaissance, medieval and genuine roman items from the time of christ. the home has an atmopshere of abundance and joy, so i am told by friends, even tho i personally live a somewhat monastic lifestyle, even eating and sleeping very little, the minimum possible for myself, and devoting most of my time to study and work or business, and tohelping people in my town :)
i will be delighted to teach my guests about antiques in general, and especially the wide variety of items i have in stock here. i can teach guests the antiques trade, and how to make good money from antiques dealing, and the secrets of what to buy and what to avoid, if they are interested in this :) i will welcome guests to join in choosing and photographing antique items with me, to list for sale, and also to do the listings with me too :) so this will be a good learning experience also :)
as a retired dr of psychology, i can also use the tarot cards as therapy and teach this to guests. i don't use the tarot cards to predict the future, but to work out life issues in the past and present, by asking my clients also to tell me what they see in the pictures, to give good direction and to help make choices for the future. but the future is always our own to create :) i would point out that all magic is 99% psychology and only 1% magic, meaning that i can not only do it but explain to you how it works also :) i can also use a divining crystal pendulum and board, for answering guests' life questions, and can teach this too, as well as doing some witches magical rituals with you and teaching you the same, if nothing else just for the fun of the experience :) also i do holistic medicine and natural healing, and teach this also. i also do aromatherapy and have at least 400 different essential oils to treat various conditions, which you can inhale through one of 2 general 1950's hospital; inhaling bottles one cermic and one enamel. i also have over 400 medicinal and magical herbs, also used for healing mostly :) i also have about 1000 crystals of all different kinds, which i can help you to choose the right one for you, and you can buy these from me. i can help with and even cure sleep problems by making you a pot of tea with just one particular dried herb, that i have worked with sucessfully for many years :)
i also do a few native american indian rituals, and have the smudging materials for cleansing the spiritual energies in your home space, as i do regularly in mine, and you can also buy these from me from my shop :)
we can do so much together in 30 hours, even working in a creative style in silence communicating with paints only, plus i do bits of jewellery making, wood or metal crafts, paper crafts, and pottery, as i have all the creative materials, and clay and small kiln here also if people like this kind of activity :)
i also do neck and shoulders massage, and a very good holistic foot massage using a vintage french enamel basin of warm water, and an old enamel large jug of very hot water, with my own special blends of oil and herbs added, for varying conditions, and also pure and natural hand made traditional recipe liquid castille soap.
but don't feel under pressure to involve in any of these activities :) maybe just quiet time and some good food and drink, and relax with some nice chat will suit different guests better than doing any activities? as a guest it is your own time and you do not have to do any of these things i suggest :) i am quite happy if you just want a comfy and rich place to sleep and use it just as base for visiting other places and doing other things :) but if so then please do not expect a special purpose guest room like a hotel or guest house, as it is my own room i use to accommodate guests, and has a lot of my own things and antique items in it :)
i have no fixed rules, not even regarding food and drink. i am easy going and happy to go along with my guests' suggestions and wishes as my guest here :) if you just want to simply relax and and use it as just a bed for the night to go out and see other places of interest in scotland, this is fine with me too :)
i only have one bedroom in the house, and one large single bed with hotel standard mattress, and ivory pure silk sheets (not just satin), plus 1800's linens, so i will work it out that the night you visit, i will be working night shift on my support site chat room, a bit like the samaritans take calls to help people in distress, so i will be awake at my desk all night should you get up in the night and need me for anything :) i often do this same night shift even when i don't have a guest staying :)
i use only pure natural expensive ivory silk (not just satin) bed linens, eg: sheets and pillow slips and duvet cover, and not only this, but even the duvet itself is filled with natural pure silk filling, for warmth in winter and cool in summer, as are also the pillows you will use. it is real luxury all round, and will be even better when the 1700's castle bed arrives :) i also have antique french cotton and lace bed linens from the 1800's, that i purcashed from a french castle clearance, if you would prefer :) don't be shy to let me know :)
if you are musical, i have a full selection of the very best musical instruments, all of the main ones anyway. i don't play properly myself, but i like to fiddle around and play what we call "intuitive music" in therapy, and also write my own music and songs on electronic keyborard :)
every drawer in every piece of furniture in the house, is filled with amazing, unexpected mysteries and surprises, of an antique nature, and i will be delighted to show you these things if you wish, in an educational manner :)
i have a very beautiful and romantic home in a classical old fashioned manner, and for me, real romance is the key to my happiness and joy in life :) it is a delight every morning for me to wake up surrounded by all the beautiful things, and i also have a lot to offer in knowledge and experience too, so this is exactly WHY i ask a wee bit higher price, because my aim is to make a unique and very special life-changing experience for a guest here, and that person will be the most important thing in my life for this time :) i am hoping this house and my antiques will appeal to my clientelle, who will understand what i am about in my business and work, and appreciate the valuable heirlooms and museum pieces in my house, that i have partly inherited from mum going back to great gran's mum :)
my house and outbuildings contents alone are valued by 3 top tv auctioneers at well over £2.5 million, plus my larger estate my 4 acre estate down near the borders of scotland, that is valued at just £2 million if sold in the near future for housing development. plus my shareholdings on which i get a 6 monthly substantial income :)
my late husband used to tell me i was a lot the same as the famous scottish singer susan boyle. she became a superstar overnight, yet she did not buy big houses in beverley hills and yachts etc. instead she bought the same rented council house she had lived in all the years before, and remained living in her own street within her own wee village community, the community she knows and loves, and is loved in return :) susan also was put in a backward class in school, and was bullied and laughed at, just like me, when it was in fact proved many years later that both she and i were extra gifted children, and should have been given special tuition to support this. but my father being an ex military man, tried to stamp it out as much as he could instead xxxxxx but our gut instincts are not usually wrong, and if it is in our heart to do something, we will do it. i used my creative instincts and natural gifts, to become extremely successful in the creative field after i left home :)
nowadays since my husband is not here, i try to focus only on my written work and post doctoral uni work, my antiques and fine arts business, and my local charity work. i do airbnb simply because i enjoy the company of new people xoxoxoxo after deducting expenses, the profits of all this go to my widows charity foundation, that i started myself after peter died x
i will remain in the house the whole time and will be happy to chat to guests and be good company unless they go to bedroom or kitchen or patio for time alone or working on their l…
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