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Discover the secrets of Vilnius old town
Our daily free walking tour is a very good start of your visit in Vilnius as it gives an overview of the city and it's culture. The aim of the tour is not only to to show for the city guests the highlights of Vilnius but also walk the group through the secret courtyards and passages that would be hard for the travelers to discover on their own. The tour starts at the Cathedral Square and we present you the brief history of Vilnius. You will find out how our Grand Dukes ruled the city and what enemies the Grand Duchy of Lithuania had in the Middle Ages. You will probably be surprised to learn how powerful, big and threatening the country was in the past. After some time, we take take you through the narrow, medieval streets of the old town towards an area where mostly Jews and Germans lived in the past. You will get to know about different nationalities that lived in the city, how they all cohabit together and what happened to them, as Vilnius today is not so multi-ethnic anymore. For the dessert, we will show you the Republic of Uzupis – the magical part of Vilnius that has its own crazy story. Keep your camera on, pay attention to the small artistic details in this area, and relax. Don’t take seriously, everything the guide says here, humor is the most important here. Other things to note This is a Free Tour so tips are kindly accepted in the end. The 1€ price on AirBnB is a booking fee so we could host ourselves on this platform. The group sizes vary from 3 to 20 people. If you wish to have a private tour with us,please contact us at info@vilniusfreetour.lt or +370 69 227491.
Undiscovered Vilnius tour
Undiscovered Vilnius free tour is the best way to get a different perspective of Vilnius. The tour focus on the less known areas of Vilnius that could be hard for a traveler to discover on it’s own. Throughout the tour, we will take you by public bus to the most contrasting area of Vilnius called Šnipiškės. In this area, abandoned wooden houses and modern skyscrapers are just meters away from each other. To feel the contrast better, we will reach the modern city center to admire the panoramic views from the top floor of one of the highest skyscrapers in Vilnius. It is very likely that all those areas will change completely in a few years, so don’t miss an opportunity to be a witness of these changes and let us take you to most contrasting and undiscovered places of Vilnius. Wear comfortable shoes; Get in a good mood, and join the Undiscovered Vilnius tour to gain an authentic insight into Vilnius outside the tourist trail. Other things to note This is a Free Tour so tips are kindly accepted in the end. The 1€ price on AirBnB is a booking fee so we could host ourselves on this platform. The group sizes vary from 3 to 20 people. If you wish to have a private tour with us,please contact us at info@vilniusfreetour.lt or +370 69 227491.
High cuisine of Lithuania
An unforgettable lesson of haute cuisine awaits you, and as you probably already guessed, I will show you a master class of French cuisine, and not only demonstrate, but also teach you high culinary skills, and as a gift I will give everyone recipes for my signature sauce, because in fact, sauces in this kitchen play a key role, thanks to which you you will be able to enjoy French cuisine at home and delight your guests with unforgettable haute cuisine. and so we will not waste a minute, I will quickly change your clothes, put everyone in their workplaces and everyone will have the necessary amount of products and equipment on the table to create culinary masterpieces and start creating. I can't wait to surprise you and give you the most vivid impressions, and the most important thing I will give you at the end of our event. it will be a gastronomic delight of your taste buds. At first, you won't even be able to believe that it was you who cooked it, but I assure you you are capable of more.
Photo shoot while visiting hidden spots in Vilnius old town
Meeting point would be in the Cathedral square next to Bell Tower. From there we will walk through the old town hidden places which are so authentic and usually people pass through without entering while crossing some of the highlights of the Old Town. I will take professional photos of you and share knowledge on making great shots.
L'Chaim Experience in Vilna
L’Chaim! Meet your new local friend by Vilnius Cathedral and get introduced to the first Abraham and discover intriguing first bright secrets of Judaism. Come to greet “Shalom!” horned Moses and other Jews, Litvaks and other citizens of Vilnius. Later we move further to see bears eating chocolate and find out why they are doing so. Stopping by the Presidential Palace to hear an incredible story of Sir Moses Haim Montefiore, the Sheriff of London and his adventures in Vilnius. Advancing to the Jewish Quarter in Vilnius Old Town, listening to the walls that remember and talk about Jewish traditions and daily life in the past. After a cup of coffee we will pass by place where Great Synagogue of Vilna used to stand, listen about its extraordinary history and sneak into museum of Gaon of Vilna to experience something unique. Strolling along beautiful streets of Vilnius Old Town we will approach Jewish info center to unveil more secrets. Slightly shaken we’ll step out to get fresh air and meet Zemach Shabad – city’s beloved legendary doctor, who worked in various medical fields, charity and social activities who became a hero to Vilnius town dwellers. If we will get lucky we will visit Choral Synagogue. Walking on the border of Old and New Towns and enjoying each other's company we will finish our adventure with the light lunch at the one of most beloved bagel shops in Vilna.
Flavors of Vilnius
Nice things to note: ***If you're a group of 5 or more, reach out before booking so one person could join for free. This offer is valid until the end of 2022. ***WANT TO START A TOUR AT DIFFERENT TIME? Just let me know. ***Feel free to ask questions before the tour. FLAVORS OF VILNIUS or what is it that we eat here in Lithuania? It is food - culture - sightseeing - history tour all-in-one. There are very few European capitals that can truly be described as hidden treasures, but Vilnius is certainly one of them. Its distinct architectural character and cultural richness shine bright despite the scars of Soviet rule. The oldest and biggest Baltic state, Lithuania also has deep culinary traditions, well known for their simple yet delicious dishes. We begin our Vilnius walking tour in UNESCO World Heritage Site - Baroque Old Town. From Vilnius Cathedral Square, we will take a stroll to discover some local Lithuanian culinary delights - from rural to noblemen, from traditional to modern, casual to fine dining places. On our way, we will discuss the fascinating history of Vilnius past and present. Have you ever tasted smoked pig ears or tried CPS? Well now’s your chance, depending on the season! As we go from shop to deli, from café to bar, from market to restaurant, you will get a taste of Lithuania’s contribution to international cuisine. Welcome to the feast!
Running/walking training with Olympian
You will have unique opportunity to train (running or walking) with an olympian in the most beautiful park of Vilnius! And you will hear interesting stories about life of professional athlete! It will be fun!
Traditional dances workshop
I am a traditional dance teacher and I am eager to teach newcomers about Lithuania traditions, traditional dance, even teach how to dance according to live music. The dance is a perfect way to regain energy and relax one’s mind - you can be tired from everyday tasks or even completely drained of energy, but when you start to dance, you feel the energy flowing through and into you-you are reborn! When we talk about dancing, we most often mention only names and styles, but not elements or techniques. I have a different thing in my mind when I am dancing, which I am eager to share my thoughts with you. This workshop will be about the three things which in my opinion are the most important for a dance – three things which will let you improvise and be able to dance any style of dance. I will keep these three things secret, revealing them beforehand will eliminate the element of surprise. I hope that you will get knowledge about the dance from a different perspective. During these very rapidly changing times, our national consciousness's roots are being forgotten. Traditional authentic dances are also disappearing, and the living tradition goes on as far away as possible. Even though the movement of traditional dance clubs has recently been growing in Lithuania to revive their living tradition.
The Story of the Užupis Republic
Nice things to note: ***If you're a group of 5 or more, reach out before booking so one person could join for free. This offer is valid until the end of 2021 ***WANT TO START A TOUR AT DIFFERENT TIME? Just let me know ***Feel free to ask questions before the tour. • We will visit smallest territory-wise but known worldwide district of Vilnius – Užupis and its • Independent Republic - discover artisan side of the city and yourself. Listen to the true story of Republic of Užupis with Republic’s officially accredited guide • Exchange your money into Užupis own currency an find out why it is most stable currency in the world • Find the tap where beer runs for free • You will experience deeper collective creation of community – always developing, being perfected and constantly getting famous in the world and beyond • Will get introduced to Constitution of the Republic, find out what this neighborhood and Republic is all about – its history, meaning, who is who, why and what we celebrate • Pop into boutique shops with strangest selection of the goods, listen to the stories from the owners and taste specialty of Užupis • Walk lively Street of Death, find buried robot and swing the Swing of Destiny • Become a proud citizen of Užupis Republic and fall in love with this neighborhood forever
Aerial Yoga & Guided City Tour of Vilnius
Enjoy a relaxing Aerial Yoga class with one of the world's most experienced Aerial Yoga teachers followed by a guided tour of Vilnius where you will learn about the city's history and architecture and be given tips on the best places to visit, eat, drink and shop. See Vilnius through the eyes of an expat local.
Undiscovered Vilnius
Nice things to note: ***If you're a group of 5 or more, reach out before booking so one person could join for free. This offer is valid until the end of 2021 ***WANT TO START A TOUR AT DIFFERENT TIME? Just let me know ***Feel free to ask questions before the tour. Meet your new local friend at Belfry of Vilnius Cathedral and wander the cobblestone streets, imagining what life was like centuries ago when this was a thriving medieval town, cultural metropolis in 19th century, or one of most advanced cities in USSR. We'll continue to tour Vilnius Old Town discovering and experiencing the hip, bohemian atmosphere of an independent district favored by artists, musicians and free-spirited travelers. This neighborhood calls itself an Independent Republic, and even has a President, Premier, Constitution and Independence Day - celebrated on April Fools’ Day. Gritty street art, colorful cafes, vibrant murals, interesting locals, and galleries brimming with paintings make this place a popular spot for photographers, so don't forget your camera! Here you’ll be able to snap the bizarre sights and unique wonders that make this neighborhood so extraordinary. Once you've had your quirky fix for the day, we’ll finish this Vilnius tour in the best way possible - by savoring some traditional Lithuanian delicacies and a local beer.
Photoshoot with a local in Vilnius
I'm inviting you for a photoshoot in Vilnius! As a local I will show you less known sides of the city, tell you about the city from my point of view and of course make some professional looking pictures of you which will make the best memories.
In Search Of The Perfect Cinnamon Bun
CINNAMON BUN TOUR. There is one thing that I never heard of saying: I don't like cinnamon buns. That's why we will go on a quest to search for the best cinnamon bun, out of all these places that offer it. Of course, they are the best in town and after every bun, you will give it a score! This is the plan: we meet we visit (4-5 places)* we rate and discuss *coffee and buns included in the package!
Discover Vilnius with expat photographer
Feel like becoming a model for a day? If your answer is "yes!", I will be glad to show you my favourite spots in the beautiful Old Town of Vilnius, while taking nice pictures of you to keep as a special memory of your visit. During the activity, I will be sharing my own personal experience as a Mediterranean expat living in the Baltics for over 2 years, as well as tips on my favourite spots to visit and hang in the Old Town and the Uzupis quarter, the bohemian district in Vilnius. We will depart from the iconic Gates of Dawn and make our way into the Old Town, walking around hidden courtyards and majestic churches until the Cathedral Square. We will take spontaneous pictures at charming places like the Basilian Gate, the Church of St Casimir, the bohemian Stikliu and University streets or the Vilnius Compass along the way. Only the best travel experiences deserve good memories, and I will make sure to capture them for you :) Other things to note It is recommended not to bring any extra items (ex. bags) with you to be able to enjoy the experience in full comfort! Please arrive at the meeting point 5min before departure so we can start the activity on time. If you are planning to wear more than 1 outfit, please let me know in advanced.
Behind the Iron Curtain-Soviet Vilnius
Nice things to note: ***If you're a group of 5 or more, reach out before booking so one person could join for free. This offer is valid until the end of 2021 ***WANT TO START A TOUR AT DIFFERENT TIME? Just let me know Exploring the Soviet past in Vilnius means diving into its quirks and absurdities, the funny and sad stories, and the harsh realities about life in ‘the best country in the world.’ On this tour, you’ll learn about Stalin’s horrors, as well as our the struggles, resistance, and drive for freedom that destroyed the Soviet empire. For 50 years, Lithuania was a Soviet republic and this period left many visible marks. This is a country where partisan war lasted for nine years, where almost every family has someone who perished in Gulags, where unarmed people protected their country from Soviet tanks, and where the collapse of the Soviet Union began. Walking and riding through Soviet blocks, WE’ll tell you about what life was like to be a citizen during that era - WE’ll pop into a Soviet-inspired restaurant to taste very special ‘delicacies’ from Soviet times discuss all the details and rituals of daily life, like what locals ate for breakfast, and find out why good friends were more important than money. YOU will end up your tour in the point of no return - former KGB headquarters and prison - for a different kind of experience.