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Manuel Antonio National Park Guided Tour
*********** IMPORTANT INFORMATION ********* After 4 persons 5% Discount You can request different times. This Experience is available PRIVATE. Are you Looking for Animals and have an amazing experience? We will set off from the World- Famous Manuel Antonio National Park at the Main Entrance. For the next 2 hours, you will be taken through several trails in our quest to spot animals. As a Certified ICT Nature Specialist, i will be helping you to discover many different species of animals hidden or been camouflaged in plain sight and sharing interesting facts and behaviors learned by guiding tours for over 13 years. During the tour, Videos in 4K and pictures of your favorite animals will be taken through our top-of-the-line Swarovski Crystals Spotting ATX Scope with no additional cost adding those fantastic memories to your vacations. Wildlife at the park is exuberant, sloths, monkeys, toucans, different species of birds, butterflies, lizards, iguanas, crabs, insects. All these animals and much more could be seen on our way to Manuel Antonio beach. Once there, we will take a break, to relax or swim. After our beach break. You will continue discovering more about Manuel Antonio and its Hidden Beauty on our way to the exit of the park. See you soon on our tour. Announcements Admissions feeds are $5.65 (children) $18.08 (adult) additional to the price.
San Jose Walking Nature Tour with Sloths, Birds and Trees
We will explore the hidden ecosystem resting inside the campus of the first public university in the country. You'll discover some amazing birdwatching, with several dozens of different bird species in the area and then we'll look for the small population of sloths living free on the campus' gardens. Many times we will try some wild berries and smell all sorts of barks and flowers. We'll be talking about art, history, indigenous culture, and most of all, nature. This is a full senses experience so you will get to see, touch, smell, taste, and listen to nature thriving amidst our country's biggest city. *** From May to November we recommend booking on the morning slot due to rainy afternoons, however, the afternoons are also great DISCLAIMER: This is not a Recue Center or Sloth Sactuary Tour. You will not be able to touch them, if found, the sloths will be seen in their natural habitat, which means most of the times they will be sleeping on thee trees. Still our experience is your best option at San Jose if you're a true nature lover.
San José Walking Tour
Si usted quiere conocer San José a fondo y probar sus sabores, ver su arquitectura única y conocer su historia, ¡Este es el tour que busca! El plan es mostrarle la ciudad y caminar por ella, conversar y tomarnos un café como si fuéramos amigos desde hace mucho. Vamos a salir desde el Edificio Steinvorth hacia el punto de nacimiento de la Villa Nueva de la Boca del Monte de San Joseph (nombre colonial de la actual capital costarricense), para ir caminando por puntos históricos y lugares de hechos trascendentes para nuestro país. Es una ruta basada en detalles, historia, anécdotas, rincones poco conocidos por el turista, complementado por el ingreso a edificios patrimoniales y a espacios públicos y privados, como Museos, Plazas, Cafeterías, Galerías, entre otras. Ideal para fotografiar y poder caminar por la ciudad e identificar sus puntos principales, paradas de autobús, tiendas, mercados y todo lo necesario para moverse por San José. En dos horas y media le daremos una perspectiva que pocos le podrán dar y que le harán ver porqué San José fue una gran urbe y porqué le llamaban "el pequeño París". Aún cuando llueva, tendremos recorrido. Iremos por San José, por algunas zonas de sus cuatro distritos históricos (Carmen, Merced, Hospital y Catedral).
Hike and Waterfall Swim at Rio Agres
This guided hike begins in the mountain-top town of San Antonio, Escazú, and walk together to the starting point of the hike. From there, we will walk further up into the hills, taking in better and better views as we go. Throughout the hike, we will pass an array or flora and fauna, stunning views, rivers, and eventually we will arrive at the waterfall. You are welcome to swim, or simply just sit back, eat a snack, and enjoy the landscape. We will return back on the same path, and we will stop from time to time so that I can point out interesting things or share fun facts. Located just a short distance from the city of San José, this is one of the best ways to experience the natural surroundings of the country without having to travel too far. I can't wait for you to see these sights and have an unforgettable experience. I am here to support you as we go, and help you maximize your trip while here in Costa Rica! Duration: 5.6km/3.5mi. It will take about 3.5 hours, but that is dependent on the pace of the group. Difficulty: Moderate-Intermediate hike, but it is accessible for all people of varying abilities. Elevation: 1774m/5,820 ft maximum; 371m/1040ft change
Alajuela Nature Experience
Te llevaré en mi automóvil al Volcán Poás (el geyser más grande del mundo y uno de los cráteres más grandes) este está a una hora del punto de encuentro, en el camino hacia ese volcán, disfrutarás de la vista de muchas montañas, cuando lleguemos al parque del volcán, caminarán por 10 minutos para llegar al cráter, estará tan cerca del cráter, tal vez como nunca antes y podrá admirar el volcán en todo su esplendor, te podrá llegar el fuerte olor a gases del volcán, pero no hay nada de qué preocuparse, también tendrás que usar un casco, además te mostraré los lugares seguros creados en caso de una erupción y te explicaré la historia de este maravilloso volcán activo. el tiempo es de 20 minutos en el mirador porque el volcán está realmente activo y son medidas de seguridad, luego regresarás en 10 minutos caminando hacia la salida del parque, luego te llevaré en mi automóvil a la Catarata La Paz a 45 minutos del Volcán Poás, es una de las cascadas más hermosas de Costa Rica, luego regresaremos al punto de encuentro en 45 minutos . *** Por favor brindarme la información de número de passaporte, nombre completo y nacionalidad para hacer su reserva, con al menos 8 horas antes de encaminarnos al Parque Nacional Volcán Poás. Otros aspectos destacables: - Por favor no olvides llevar abrigo. - El Hotspot del internet es: Alajuela Nature Experience y el password es: Excelencia
Authentic Cooking & Family Experience
It is going to be a gastronomic and cultural Costa Rican experience. The experience will start taking you to the local farmer market to choose some of the seasonal ingredients of the recipe we are going to prepare. After that, we will try your culinary skills and proceed to cook the main course. The dishes will be based on Costa Rica traditional spices. We will cook up the popular ¨casado¨, which consist of rice, beans, chopped vegetables, salad, a natural refreshment and baked sweet plantain with cinnamon and vanilla, as dessert. While you will be learning the recipes, you will share time with our family and learn more from our country and culture in a memorable way. Note: Available for lunch or dinner. Let us know your dietary restrictions. Farmers market is available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, best time will be for the lunch experience. During the week we visit the local fruits & veggies store. Other things to note Depending where you will be staying at, the easiest way is to take an uber to our house. LGTBIQ+ friendly
San Jose Bike & Bites Ride
We'll ride our bikes to explore neighborhoods, like Amón, Otoya, and Escalante, with vibrant urban art. We'll taste San Jose's legendary empanadas at "El Frontón", we'll taste and learn about Costa Rican specialty coffee from a local barista. All while we learn about the history and present of Costa Rica's capital city. Other things to note: Wear comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes. We ride on regular non-electric bicycles There're some small hills during the experience and you'll be riding next to traffic in some areas As this experience consists of a bicycle ride you'll need to be able to ride a bicycle.
Cafeologia Coffee Sensory Sessions in San Jose
During this unique coffee experience in San Jose, you will immerse your senses on the transformation process that makes a great cup of coffee, starting with the beans from a local organic farmer association, moving through the roasting stages and thereafter, tasting the different cup flavors, resulting from three different milling processes: Washed, Semi-Washed/Honey and Natural. The experience goal is to share a good coffee time together while at the same time becoming more knowledgeable about the local coffee culture, from the bean to your cup, as well as for you have a greater understanding about this magnificent drink. Hope to see you soon and enjoy a great coffee time together! Lang. : English/Português Max. 4 people Duration: 90 min. 5 daily sessions AM 9-10:30/11-12:30 PM 1-2:30/3-4:30/5-6:30 For larger groups or different schedule requirements feel free to send a message, we can work something out! Additional information: Facebook and Instagram @bicibarista Location https://bit.ly/3E9BtkV Whatsapp https://bit.ly/3FN85RP
Recorrido con sesión de fotos
La experiencia en San José consiste en: Una sesión de fotografía mientras vamos caminando. Mientras hacemos la sesión te voy a recomendar los mejores lugares para visitar en este país. También te voy a enseñar tiendas y restaurantes favoritos en San José. En el transcurso de la caminata podemos hacer paradas en tiendas y restaurantes. ----- **FOTOS en LA FORTUNA, San Carlos: Si estás interesado en una sesión en La Fortuna, por favor leer abajo. ----- Ubicación: Barrio Escalante, San José. Ideal para: Parejas, amigxs, familias, mascotas ¡Todxs son bienvenidxs! Tiempo de la actividad: 1 hora 30 minutos. 12 fotos por persona. ---- Sesión de FOTOS en LA FORTUNA: Si queres una sesión, uno de los lugares más hermosos del país. Por favor, escribime para mandarte la información. Lo que podes encontrar en La Fortuna: -Cataratas -Volcán Arenal -Aguas Termales -Mucha mucha naturaleza y animales *Datos a tener en cuenta: -El precio de la sesión aumenta. -Se realiza siempre y cuando un mínimo de 5 clientes reserven la experiencia. --- Si estás interesado en realizar la sesión en otro lugar diferente a San José, La fortuna. Déjamelo saber. Haré todo lo posible para ayudarte.
Walk and talk San Jose style
Walk-and-talk San Jose is a great way of experiencing a day in the city of San Jose, Costa Rica! history, culture, food, and general information about past present, also info where to go after. Get located with a professional costarrican guide, these experience is a family project, so, even Catalina or Rodrigo can host you with lots of style!. we will start in the hottest gastronomic area of the East of Chepe( San Jose) the edge of the beginning of history of the San Jose of 1800' s after will do a mix walking for 2,6 km to 4km ( 1,7 to 3miles) slow flat interesting areas of the central downtown area until the central market. i could tell u we will travel from precolonial to post modern society in CR and i will try to open a window in time and history of our country and our way of being, ticos, Pura vida, the sings in past that reveal our present. Escalante/ Parque de Francia, Custom House of 1800, the Atlantic train rail, Central park, Museum of art and design, Metallic school, the Jade Museum, and Democracy Park, the Congress house, National tether, Cathedral, and the pedestrian walk, and the central market. it won’t be a linear walk, it will bring color and details in history to know us better. welcome to one of the happiest countries. Other things to note Familly, couples or singles
Cabalgata por la Hacienda Aquiares
/!\ FAVOR RESERVAR ANTES DE VENIR /!\ Montar a caballo se siente diferente cuando está rodeado de vegetación profunda, abundante vida silvestre y las vistas y sonidos de una comunidad vibrante. En este día, nuestra Hacienda es tuya para descubrir! Agenda: - Bienvenida en Casa Hacienda La Esperanza, café y queque ofrecidos (30 min) - Conozca tu amistoso caballo (15 min) - Cabalgata hasta la catarata (1 hora) - Cabalgata hasta un mirador con vista increíble al pueblo (1 hora) - Descubra el beneficio y la tostadora (30 min) - Visita a la iglesia de Aquiares (15 min) - Visita a la cafetería y tienda (15 min) Horarios: 9am o 1pm Formará parte de nuestra comunidad durante todo el día, aprenderá todo sobre café, desde la semilla hasta el proceso de tueste, y descubrirá nuestra finca y naturaleza! Nos reservamos el derecho de cancelar la actividad por motivo de un clima desfavorable a la cabalgata (tipo fuertes lluvias). Otros aspectos destacables Vengan a vivir una experiencia auténtica y única en Aquiares! Nos adaptamos a todo tipo de público y podemos personalizar los tours según sus deseos. ¡Esperamos que decidan visitarnos!
Volcanoes, nature, and world heritage archaeological site
On one of our best-selling experiences, you'll enjoy the scenery and history of Cartago province by the hand of a local certified guide in a small or private group. We'll pick you up near San José to begin our journey to the Irazú Volcano (entrance fee $17 not included). On a picturesque road trip, you'll learn about the history of the Central Valley and the fatal eruptions which made this Volcano famous during the 60s. Once at the Park you'll enjoy a lunar landscape which is perfect for taking pictures. We'll admire 3 different craters and then we'll walk through the unique ecosystem of Paramo, a tropical dwarf forest nestled in the highlands. Afterward, we'll drive to the foothills of Turrialba Volcano to a town called "La Central" where you can take some pictures. Next, we will stop for lunch at a family-run grill house for a traditional Costa Rican meal. If you like cheese, let us know and we will take you to an artisan cheesemaker workshop on the way. Finally, before beginning the drive back to San José we will visit the Archaeological Site of Guayabo ($6 entrance fee not included), declared a Civil Engineering World Heritage landmark and the most important milestone of pre-Hispanic culture in the country.
Spanish Immersion Class
We will meet you at home where you will attend a Spanish as a second language class in which you will learn in one hour or less depending in your abilities, vocabulary and expressions related to the recipe we will prepare together after the Spanish class ends. I will also be sharing materials with you. Then, we will be ready for the cooking class! We will take you to the farmer`s market of our neighborhood to pick up the spices and veggies to prepare our meal. We will try your culinary skills. After we prepare our Costa Rican dish, we will be eating our meal while sharing with a warm tico family. Other things to note Please let us know any dietary restrictions Note: Available for lunch or dinner. Let us know your dietary restrictions. Farmers market is available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. During the week we visit the local fruits & veggies store. Other things to note Depending where you will be staying at, the easiest way is to take an uber to our house.
Al Volcán Irazú
¡Sean bienvenidos a una experiencia única en sus vidas! La idea central de este tour es poder conocer uno de los majestuosos volcanes que tiene Costa Rica, así es, hablamos del Volcán Irazú. Sin duda alguna la temática central es poder visitar el volcán y conocer de cerca sus cráteres a través de un mirador. No obstante, la idea es arrancar desde la ciudad de Cartago que fue hace muchos años atrás la capital de Costa Rica donde podremos conocer más información acerca de la historia de la Antigua Metrópoli. Seguidamente, abordaremos juntos el autobús con destino al Volcán Irazú (si usted lo desea podemos contratar transporte privado, pago adicional). Una vez estemos en el Parque Nacional Volcán Irazú podremos ver de cerca, gracias a un mirador que proporciona el parque, el cráter Diego de La Haya, Playa Hermosa, el cráter Principal, conoceremos el Árbol de la Vida y subiremos hasta el punto más alto del lugar. Visitaremos lugares como la Iglesia de Los Franciscanos, Casa Jiménez-Sancho, Colegio San Luis Gonzaga y hasta el Antiguo Cuartel Militar de la ciudad. Iniciaremos el tour a las 8am y finalizaremos alrededor de las 2pm. ¿Qué espera? ¡Reserve su tour con La Compañía!
Crocodiles, birds, beach and mangrove boat ride
We will explore 3 different stops by the huge Tarcoles River. As a place full of life, it hosts the largest population of crocodiles in Costa Rica, which are also the biggest of the continent, additionally, the birdwatching and the history around it is unique. From San José Area we will experience 90 minutes sightseeing ride until we arrive at Carara National Park ($12 entrance not included), which is just by the side of Tarcoles River. This Reserve has a super easy trail that we are going to walk by the side of the Coastal Highway. The trail is 1 mile and hosts a mature forest, full of ecological interactions and a canopy top of 40m high. Some wild animals we could find are Scarlet Macaws, Agoutis, Poison-dart Frogs, Spider Monkeys, and huge Wild Cashew Trees. After this energizing hike we'll have lunch (not included in the price) and then embark ourselves in a jungle boat tour around the river mouth and mangroves of the Tarcoles River where the astonishing beauty of the flora and fauna will amaze you. On the ride back we will stop at a hidden beach to have a little picnic with fresh seasonal fruits listening to the relaxing sound of waves and dip our feet in the Pacific Ocean to soothe our spirits. *Lunch is not included ($10pp approx) *Carara National Park entrance fee has to be paid by card, they don´t take cash *The boat ride has to be paid by cash the same day $28pp