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Get Hooked on Fishing
"Learn To Fish" As they say “The early bird catches the Worm”, the experience begins early in the morning in Baga. The Necessary gear will be provided depending on your prior fishing experience. As we trek towards our first fishing spot, we will brush on the safety requirements for this activity as well as you will be introduced to the equipment which will be utilized for the activity. We will fish at the spot until the fish bites decrease and once you are accustomed to the surroundings we will make our way to another hidden spot which is very scenic and breathtaking. Make sure you are ready and your lines are tight at all times, as you may have the bite of your lifetime. This Fishing Experience is going to be just the beginning to a whole new world of Angling. If you are a beginner need not worry, you will learn to fish from scratch. I will assure everyone experiences the feeling of “one last catch” having you ‘Hooked on’ for more! Important points to keep in mind before booking - Request availability if favorable time slot is not available. - This is a land based fishing experience! - Accompaniment is not allowed. - If you aren't ready to get your hands dirty this Activity ain't for you.
Discovery of Divar Island - E Bike Tours
Travel almost once around the entire island by an E-Bike? Sure, of course! from the comfort of the saddle of our bikes you will experience the most beautiful sites and places in Goa. Ebike from the pulsating metropolis of Old Goa - A UNESCO world heritage site along the cost of Mandovi river to Divar island with vast scenery and sparse population, catch a memorable ferry ride as the only way to reach the island. Throttle and cruise effortlessly on the empty roads along green meadows, picturesque lakes and imposing mountain chains. Tours along ancient sites dating back to the Pre- Portuguese era. Catch cool breeze and clear views as you visit a beautiful village located on the highest hill of Divar Island. Experience a hearty breakfast / high tea or meal of your choice at the most beautiful riverside property of the island. What makes this tour special? Ride along with India’s first ever e-biking experience on the beautiful island of Divar and explore the UNESCO heritage site of Old Goa. A memorable ferry ride across the serene Mandovi river. Know about unheard legends and local myths from our captains. Gain insights to traditional occupations like fishing and hidden unique techniques like sluice gates and the island lifestyle. Discover the island’s ancient temples & Goa’s finest 18th century baroque church with stunning panoramic views. Visit the archaeological ruins
Fontainhas Heritage Walk
The walk begins Tobacco Square near the main Post Office in Panjim and then leads us into the heritage precinct of St. Thomas ward, passing the small chapel of Sao Tome. We visit the famous 31st January Street, and then move into the Fontainhas area passing by the chapel of St. Sebastian. This leads to a cluster of interesting buildings around Panjim Inn, Portuguese Foundation, and Galerie Gitanjali. We arrange an exclusive music appreciation session by a Goan musician while you get insights into Portuguese influence on Goan music. Get mesmerized by Latin and Konkani Folk music performed by the musician. We then return to the Post Office by a different route highlighting the elements and places of interest that liven up the Latin Quarters in the evenings . Our presenters will highlight all the above places with fascinating history and anecdotes that are unheard of and will share a very unique perspective of the making of Fontainhas. Other things to note: You may bring infants and toddlers based on your own judgement for this experience. We suggest you to bring your own water bottle, preferably a reusable water bottle as we would like to minimize the usage of single use plastic products. Wear comfortable footwear and carry a Hat/ Cap.
Premium pet-friendly guided kayak tours in Chapora river
Hi globe trotter! Join me on the most picturesque kayaking experience in the backwaters of river Chapora --- a calm,little-known river, yet home to unique fauna and birds. We walk by the river as we sip on some freshly picked tender coconut water before we start kayaking in one of the cleanest river waters in the country. We watch birds fly and fish jump out of the water almost always in this pure ,untouched hinterland experience of a lifetime,leaving you yearning for more of a Goa that you never knew existed. The trail is easy and short,lasting around 2 hours. While kayaking is a fairly easy exercise in the calm backwaters, interested children and senior citizens can enjoy this activity in absolute safety with me in government licensed kayaks and safety equipment , accompanying you throughout.
Monsoon Trek in Goa
During the monsoon season, the Western Ghats are alive with beautiful waterfalls, tall forest canopies that hide the sky, and carpets of lush green velvet grass. You will join me on this expedition as we go through one of Goa's most breathtaking trail located deep within the Forest. We'll leave early in the morning for the village located far to the east of Goa, where you will be greeted with a delicious warm traditional breakfast. Once we have sufficiently refueled ourselves for the journey, we start trekking. The distance should be covered in between 45 and 1 hour, and the trail is very moderate. We will wade through streams trickling down the mountain side onto the trail. The tall foggy canopy of the forest is going to leave you mesmerized by its sheer beauty. Once we reach the end of our trail, we will stick around to explore a few natural and man made marvels till our heart's content. We begin the trek back to the village to arrive on schedule for our Authentic Goan Lunch. The Meals served at the village are totally Organic and are cooked on firewood. You will feel a deep sensation of relaxation that will improve your mind, body, and soul right away.
Sunrise/Sunset Trail in Anjuna
Our trek will begin early morning over Baga hill towards Anjuna. We will take the upper hill route, here you will catch breath taking views of the Arabian Sea on the left side. As the sun slowly rises from the East, we’ll trek to the highest point where we watch the Sunrise. While on the trail, we may catch sight of wildlife like peacocks, porcupines and even dolphins. Once we reach Anjuna hill, we will make our way down to a secular pebble beach where you can take a dip before we make our way back on the lower sea route back to the starting point. This two hour trail can be done fairly moderately, making it suitable for testing your fitness.
Feni & Tapas Food Trail with Tastings and Drinks
The Goan Feni and Tapas Food trail is a specially curated food trail in Panjim that includes some of the most iconic places for Goan food paired with the best Feni and Feni based cocktails paired with it. Although a far cry from a regular tavern trail or pub crawl in Panjim, this trail gives you some of the most astonishing insights about Goan Heritage brew Feni, with both indigenous and Portuguese influences. We begin with a casual introduction at Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church and seamlessly delve into the stories of Goan food, its historical influences, anecdotes and key ingredients that makes Goan food unique. We then introduce the heritage brew Feni through stories, its origins, its culture and its evolution over time. The Goan Feni & Tapas is a celebration of Goan and Food and Feni. We break several stereotypes associated with Goan cuisine. Tasting of Feni in its expressions in raw form, infusions or blended as cocktails. Partaking in this vivid narrative of Goan cuisine in the Food trail of Feni and Tapas where you discover plethora of untold stories relating to the Goan cuisine would leave you a feeling of nostalgia. The Goan Feni & Tapas Food trail is designed include cultural aspects and lifestyle in the storytelling and highlights some of the vintage establishments of Panjim that has received iconic status among Goans.
Spellbinding Lagoon Trek
We'll escape the heat and crowded beaches by hiking through the Mahadei Wildlife Sanctuary's tall lush forest to a hidden gem. We'll leave for the village in the extreme east, prepare to be cut off from the rest of the world once we get to the rural village. Following a warm welcome, we'll eat an authentic local breakfast to fuel us for the journey ahead. The trail that leads to the lagoon will leave marveled with the tall lush forest canopy. Depending on your fitness level, the hike to the lagoon will take about 25-35 minutes. You'll be fascinated by the beautiful blue water as we approach the lagoon after descending the slope. Prepare to swim, relax, and splash your way around this lovely lagoon. All the Swimming and splashing around will undoubtedly whet your hunger for a delicious lunch. After that, we'll drive to the village to eat an authentic local Lunch prepared with care just for us. As we return to our own homes, you will be amazed by how the locals live in these tranquil forests and wishing you could spend more time there.
Chronicles & Echoes of Divar Island
The tour begins by taking the ferry across from one of the Ferry terminals to Divar. Our storyteller will meet you at the ferry point. From there we proceed by car to a Church (entry is not permitted) built in the late 16th century. Then we see the extraordinary chapel built on the site of an old temple and proceed to see fascinating sites, that depict the rich history and heritage of Divar which is home to diverse cultures, beliefs and traditions. We also take you to see one of the finest Baroque Churches (entry is not permitted) in Goa. We head for a light meal, either Breakfast or High Tea (At an Indo-Portuguese home or a riverside wellness resort, both of which are subject to availability on that day) . Tales from the past, local perspective, panoramic views, flora and fauna, paddy fields, traditional occupations, beautiful grand homes, authentic Goan cuisine and many more wonderful experiences can be expected in the Chronicles and Echoes of Divar. PLEASE NOTE: Guests would have to arrange their own vehicle which would have to be taken into the the ferry service boat across the river. And the vehicle would then follow our host / storyteller in the island. We need prior information about any food preferences and food allergies The meal includes mostly vegetarian food, some food might contain eggs Ferry charges are applicable for vehicles only.
Areca Farm Walk - Must Visit Tourist Place near Honnavar
Areca County Farm is a charming and picturesque tourist attraction located near Honnavar in Karnataka, India. Nestled amidst lush greenery and scenic beauty, this farm offers visitors a unique and immersive experience. With a focus on promoting sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism, Areca County Farm provides you an opportunity to walk around wast 6 acres of areca plantation and explore the flaura/fauna. Embark on a nature walk through the farm's verdant trails, immersing yourself in the serene and tranquil ambiance. There are boards for directions & some plant names. You can also observe a variety of birds and butterflies sometimes. You can also visit a heritage home built in 1929 and take a lot of photos :) Note: * Ample outdoor parking space is available. * Free RO purified water refills is available. * Clean toilets are available * Tea/Coffee is available for extra cost * Bottled water & ice-cream is available at MRP * Advanced booking is mandatory
Mangrove Kayaking in the Backwaters of Goa
The experience is in a river in Tivim village, North Goa. Guests will get a 15-20 mins briefing on the basic techniques of kayaking and safety. It is a meditative and relaxing experience as you paddle through the 4.5km stretch of rich mangrove ecosystem and explore the wildlife living within it. You can spot different species of birds like peacocks, baya weavers, brahmini kites, drongos, cormorants, egrets, pond herons, swifts, water hens, woodpeckers and the colorful kingfishers. If you're lucky enough, you may spot the shy otters. Once the kayaking experience is completed, we provide a local breakfast. The total time for the whole experience is 2.5 to 3 hours that includes the briefing, kayaking and breakfast.
Village Vistas of Cansaulim E-Bike Tour
Explore the countryside and the coastal lifestyle of South Goa on E-Bikes. Catch a birds eye view from the highest viewpoint of South Goa, The Three Kings Chapel and know about its mysterious spooky folktales which makes it one of the most haunted locations of the country. Experience an exclusive Japanese inspired tea tasting at the oldest Indo-Portuguese house of Cansaulim.
Old Goa Heritage Walk
The walk starts at the Viceroy's Arch near the Ferry point, where you get introduced to the historical Portuguese past of Old Goa. Old Goa was also known as ‘Rome of the East’ due to the incidence of prettily designed churches and wide open piazzas. We then pay a visit to the very beautiful St. Cajeten church of the Italian Order. St. Cajetan Church also known as the Church of Divine Providence is a church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Goa. We then move ahead to old main street of Old Goa, the Rua Direita to pass by the Se Cathedral and the Church of St Francis. Se Cathedral is one of the most ancient and celebrated religious buildings of Goa. This magnificent 16th century monument in Goa, build under the Portuguese rule is the largest church in Asia. After surveying the pieces of ruined buildings displayed outside the Museum, we proceed to Old Goa’s earliest catholic structure, the Chapel of St Catherine, before visiting the magnificent Church of Our Lady of Rosary. Our Storytellers will highlight all the above places with fascinating history and anecdotes that are unheard of and will share a very unique perspective of the making of Old Goa. Please Note: The Basilica of Bom Jesus will remain shut for visitors and devotees due to restoration work. We will instead be visiting the magnificent Church of Our Lady of Rosary.
Discover Coastal Paradise
The journey starts early in the morning 8 a.m. as we go to the south of Goa. The difference between the beaches in the north and the beaches in the south is the elevation from sea level, with hills, mountains, and rocky cliffs. The first place we'll go is to an old fort perched high on a cliff. A panoramic view of the Arabian Sea may be had from the Fort. We'll explore the fort, hear stories from the past, and hike up to a cliff edge for some truly daring photographs. The fort will take around an hour to explore. After that, we'll drive to a quiet beach a few kilometers away, where you may disconnect from the rest of the world (there is no connectivity on the beach literally). It's a short stroll down to the beach. Then we'll unwind by splashing around in a beautiful coastal waterfall that cascades down from the cliff to the sea. This is the only Coastal Waterfall in the state of Goa. Around this beach, there are two coastal waterfalls that are at their most beautiful during the monsoon. The stress-relieving effect of a dip in the waterfall will also increase your energy and enjoyment. We'll then hike up to a cliff's edge, where the view is stunning and you'll be stunned by the sheer height of the cliff and the power of the wind in your face. We’ll head back to our vehicles by 5pm. This is a full-day activity that is appropriate for families and children.
Secluded Waterfall trek in Goa
Inquire For a detailed itinerary and requirements. We'll head to a hidden gem in the village of Kuveshi, to get away from the heat and busy beaches. We'll Depart from Panjim to reach a Village in Goa's far east; be prepared to be shut off from the rest of the world. We'll eat an authentic local breakfast to fuel us for the adventure ahead after a warm welcome. As we make our way through the dark and lush forest, the trek that leads to the Waterfall will leave you amazed. It takes roughly 30-45 minutes to reach the location on foot to the waterfall. As we approach the waterfall after the trek, you'll be mesmerized by the natural beauty of this Hidden gem. Prepare to splash, swim, and unwind your journey around this beautiful waterfall. Swimming and splashing around will definitely pique your appetite for a tasty meal. After that, we'll return to the village for an Authentic Organic Local Lunch specially made for us. As we return to our own homes, you will be astounded by how the locals live in these peaceful forests and wishing you could stay longer.
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