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הר שקט בוואלה סרבו, ביאלה
נכס שלם מסוג בית מגורים · 4 אורחים · 3 מיטות · 2 חדרי רחצה

הר שקט בוואלה סרבו, ביאלהבית הררי עתיק ששוחזר לאחרונה, עם פינת אוכל, מטבח, חדר רחצה וחדר מנוחה בקומה הראשונה ושני חדרי שינה בקומה השנייה, עם גישה למרפסת גדולה ומכוסה בנופים פנורמיים של עמק סרבו. בקומת הקרקע יש מרתף לאחסון אופניים. גן פרטי זמין. CIR96086002 של אזור פיימונטה

"La Mianda" caratteristica baita in pietra
מארח מצטיין
נכס שלם מסוג בית מגורים · 4 אורחים · 1 מיטה · 1 חדר רחצה

"La Mianda" caratteristica baita in pietra“La Mianda” è situata in prossimità di un piccolo bosco di appartenenza, immersa nel verde e adiacente ad un ruscello. La baita di fine 800 in pietra e legno oggi mantiene il più possibile l'aspetto originale della dimora, puntando su un'idea di valorizzazione e di riciclo dell'esistente in un ottica ecologica e rispettosa dell'ambiente. La maggior parte degli arredi, trovati nel solaio, sono stati oggetto di restauro e gli infissi e le porte originali ne aumentano senza dubbio il valore.

Casa vacanze Pra di Brëc "Nonni Pierino&Ermelinda"
נכס שלם מסוג יחידה להשכרה · 4 אורחים · 2 מיטות · 1 חדר רחצה

Casa vacanze Pra di Brëc "Nonni Pierino&Ermelinda"פרא די בראק הוא החלום שלנו שהתגשם. ארגנו מחדש את הבית של סבא וסבתא שלנו ואנחנו רוצים להציע לכם חוויה שמתאפיינת בפשטות ובאירוח, כדי להבין ולהעריך את הערך של המשפחה שגדלנו איתה. שילבנו מסורת ועיצוב, שמרנו על המבנה המקורי של הבית והשתמשנו מחדש בחומרים הזמינים בבית הישן. שילבנו חומרים עתיקים אלה (וחפצים) עם מחשבה מודרנית של אסתטיקה ונוחות.

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עוד דירות נופש נהדרות באזור פיימונטה

  1. נכס שלם מסוג קוטג'
  2. Dovanelli
Cottage La Quercia
$149 ללילה
  1. נכס שלם מסוג לופט
  2. Castelbianco
The Flat _ Slow life in Colletta di Castelbianco
$142 ללילה
  1. חדר פרטי
  2. טורינו
Tutta un’altra storia
$24 ללילה
מארח מצטיין
  1. חדר פרטי
  2. Torgnon
פטיט מונד, פינת גן עדן בהרים.
$107 ללילה
  1. נכס שלם מסוג לופט
  2. Asti
Bellavista - loft completo di ogni confort
$36 ללילה
מארח מצטיין
  1. נכס שלם מסוג יחידה להשכרה
  2. Oltrona di San Mamette
צ'ק - אין חינם בבית "טוטורו "
$54 ללילה
  1. נכס שלם מסוג יחידה להשכרה
  2. Neyran-etabloz
בסיס מושלם לסקי, הליכה ורכיבה על אופניים
$47 ללילה
  1. נכס שלם מסוג יחידה להשכרה
  2. קומו
דירה אלגנטית עם יצירות אמנות ועיצוב
$95 ללילה
מארח מצטיין
  1. נכס שלם מסוג לופט
  2. טורינו
דירה יוקרתית בעיר העתיקה
$83 ללילה
  1. נכס שלם מסוג יחידה להשכרה
  2. La Morra
Cascina G
$78 ללילה
מארח מצטיין
  1. נכס שלם מסוג קוטג'
  2. Lerma
החווה הקטנה... חוויה ייחודית.
$124 ללילה
מארח מצטיין
  1. נכס שלם מסוג וילה
  2. Asti
וילה בלוודיר ל -7 אנשים במונפראטו
$115 ללילה

פעילויות מומלצות באזור פיימונטה עם הדירוג הכי גבוה

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Unusual tour of Turin for curious people
    The Unusual Turin tour is the most complete and informative walking tour (at least 3.5 hrs) through touristic and non-touristic sites of Turin: historical cafes, noble buildings, authentic places with traditions and intriguing stories, private residential courtyards off the beaten track, "unexpected" churches and even underground. We'll learn a lot about the city. - Why is there a "devil" in the Royal Church? - Where's "Mussolini's finger"? - Have you ever heard about 2017 Turin's tragedy? My style's ironical, informal and friendly, for curious people...like you! Forget about the guides with an umbrella, their list of dates and big groups: I want to give 100% of my time and attention to everyone. Consider me your funny (why not) art historian and LOCAL FRIEND, not a guide. I recommend this tour to those want to understand the city with a LOCAL who knows many fascinating stories and unique places that you couldn't find on your own, with an eye on the details that all tourist don't see. Don't just expect to walk and listen: get ready to chat, discuss the past, present and future of Turin, way beyond what's on the surface, in a journey backwards from 2021 to 15 BC! Time will fly, promised! ✓✓✓ Please WRITE to me BEFORE booking since, depending on your availability and language, another day/hour could be better (the tour can be in 4 languages). Whatsapp: +393394604885 or here
    החל מ-מחיר:$75 לאדם
  • Two-hour tour of Turin past and present
    This tour is focused on the past and present beauty of Turin in terms of architecture and lifestyle for those who want to understand the charme of this (still) underrated city in only 2 hours, under the magic of the evening lights or at the lively lunch hour. We'll visit the Medieval/Roman district, with its picturesque cobblestone streets and typical taverns, the market and its hidden gems, the oldest part of Turin and where real people live. With me you'll see a less touristic face of Turin, not easy to discovery on your own. We'll learn a lot about the city. I recommend this tour those want to understand the city with a local Art historian who knows many fascinating stories and unique places that you couldn't otherwise find on your own. My style is ironical, informal and interactive: forget about the guides with the umbrella, their list of dates and big groups, because I want to give 100% of my time and attention to everyone. Consider me your funny art historian and LOCAL FRIEND, not a guide! You'll see Turin in the evening if you choose the schedule 6:30-8:30pm (or even 9-11pm), but it's also possible 11:30-1:30 and 4-6pm: WRITE me BEFORE booking to set it together. ✓✓✓ IMPORTANT: please WRITE to me BEFORE booking also since another day/hour could be better and I could ask you to change the day (the tour can be in 4 languages). Whatsapp: +393394604885 or here.
    החל מ-מחיר:$42 לאדם
  • Engaging Turin-last minute private tour
    After 450 tours with Airbnb, I selected a short but engaging Turin itinerary, with picturesque views, history and curious stories, from an insider's angle. If you: - enjoy exploring a city on your own but want to get the best tips from a LOCAL graduated expert who has been living in Turin for 44 years - want to see unique spots that you wouldn't find otherwise, like the underground Turin - have a certain budget but don't want to give up on doing a guided tour - have little time to visit Turin and look for a PRIVATE last minute tour - don't feel walking too long - want to see the city at the best time for you then I can't wait to show you my favorite part of Turin, where tourists normally don't go and where you'll see places you don't expect, that not even the Turinese really know. Together we'll learn so much in just 1 hour, promised! I'll be at your complete disposal for any questions about Turin: what to visit, eat, transport, culture, language, to make your experience as useful as possible and to be able to move later independently in a big city like Turin. My style's ironic, informal, friendly. Consider me your LOCAL FRIEND with whom you can also have fun (why not), not a guide! THE SCHEDULE YOU SEE IS PURELY INDICATIVE! ✓✓✓ WRITE to me BEFORE booking since, depending on your (and my) availability, we'll set the best schedule for both WhatsApp: +393394604885 or here
    החל מ-מחיר:$22 לאדם
  • Champion Tiramisu and Italian gestures
    **CONTACT ME FOR VERY SPECIAL DISCOUNTS ON BIG GROUPS** Tiramisù lovers, if you can't go to Italy, Italy and I come to you! Are you ready to make your best tiramisu ever? - just 6 ingredients - no-baking - very easy to make It won't be a lesson where I speak and you listen, but we will be friends having fun together cooking something delicious! We will make online together the perfect Italian Tiramisù worth winning the world championship! I will give some tips to make your masterpiece and you will be surprised about how easy it is to prepare the most known Italian dessert in the world. The list of ingredients is very short and easy to find. In the meantime, we will have a ball learning some Italian gestures. You can look at my highlight stories in my Instagram @impastamisu to see how much fun we have together! According to guests' feedback, my experience is a great way to reconnect with family, friends, or for a celebration! Let me know what I can do to make your brithday/anniversary or other celebrations special! Can't wait to meeting you all online! P.S. With the doses I gave you, you will make a tiramisu for 3 people. If you want to make a bigger one, use 16 ounces (500 gr) mascarpone and 3 eggs.
    החל מ-מחיר:$24 לאדם
  • Fun Italian Gestures and Language Game
    GREAT FOR GROUPS, FAMILY REUNION AND FOR TEAM-BUILDING. Contact me for a new date, I will be happy to open a session just for you. NOW ARE YOU READY TO HAVE FUN AND PLAY IN 100% ITALIAN STYLE? So prepare your PC and LEARN HOW TO MOVE YOUR HANDS IN ITALIAN WAY SAYING OUR MOST USED EXPRESSION "MAMMA MIA" AND SINGING LIKE A REAL ITALIAN. 100% INTERACTIVE WHERE YOU CAN CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS...and get 2 PRIZES at the end if you are the winner...SO DO YOUR BEST AND HAVE FUN!! The experience will be devided into 2 parts : A short one to break the ice dedicated to some expressions of my language where you will also be able to learn the basics which can be useful just in case you decide to visit my beautiful country in the future THEN IN THE SECOND PART AND AFTER BREAKING THE ICE, LET' START TO PLAY (At the end of the session you will be able to say few words in italian using your mouth but also just your hands :) and especially you will know a lot about my culture like if you had been here for a while.) P.S. : NOT SUITABLE FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT WILLING TO HAVE FUN OR LAUGH :)
    החל מ-מחיר:$14 לאדם